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Managing Your Remote Team.

Managing Your Remote Team.

Remote working has never been this popular. According to a recent survey by, remote work grew 91% over the past decade.

The current pandemic has forced even more companies to work remotely, so it’s clear that businesses around the globe need top-quality remote work software to manage their remote team.

Sometimes, working remotely can be challenging and the WiFi connection isn’t the only factor.

There is a connection between leadership, team, and communication. To make it easier for their remote workers.

There are many companies replacing office touchpoints with technology by implementing new tools and resources.

Although there are several different tools and software, it’s essential to select the best one. Businesses should take the time to find a solution that streamlines their remote work processes rather than adding to them.

It is possible to outweigh the advantages of working from home with the right tools.

Managing Your Remote Team.
How do I choose the right remote work software?

You should use remote working software to ensure your remote employees stay on track, assist them in reaching their top performance levels, and maintain the company culture. Despite the many differences in remote working tools, the best technology will include:

  • project & task management
  • time management & calendar
  • file sharing & collaboration
  • resource management

The next section includes a list of the best remote work management and team collaboration software.

Ranging from comprehensive solutions to best features tools that help to improve your everyday communication and performance.

Project and task management Tools 
Click Up.

ClickUp is a project management tool that can simplify your business life. Initially, the founders were unsatisfied with the tools already available.

After launching Clickup the results were straightforward. The software is user-friendly and provides a solution for any type of business.

ClickUp organizes your business’s projects using a hierarchy of views. The tiers of this hierarchy are:

  • Teams.
  • Spaces.
  • Projects.
  • Lists.
  • Tasks.
  • Subtasks.

These tiers begin very broad with teams and descend into the most specific subtasks.


The simplicity, clean design, and elegant usability of Basecamp make it a popular choice among management teams, freelancers, and agencies.

It is a project management and team collaboration software solution that helps you manage projects and communicate with clients effectively. 

It offers a range of features and tools for sharing ideas, organizing conversations, and staying on track throughout the project. 

The downsides include no time tracking, no archiving of topics, no subtasks, and only outside integrations, etc.

Due to these limitations, organizations ( growing businesses) struggle to accomplish anything.


The ProofHub project management software is trusted by hundreds of remote teams to keep everything organized in one place.

Interactions between teammates and clients can be seamless. ProofHub offers plenty of features such as online proofing, discussions, chat to share feedback, and remote project management all in one place.

As an all-in-one remote project management software, ProofHub is a necessity for teams that require high levels of management proficiency.


Managing Your Remote Team.
Best Team Collaboration Tool 

Nowadays, working with teams across borders is a common practice in global companies. There will be communication problems when the team is not working together(physically).


A messaging tool that everyone loves is Slack. Digital workspaces enable colleagues to communicate swiftly, share ideas and comments in real-time, and everything runs smoothly. 

The remote collaboration tool allows you to communicate with your team everywhere you go. The slack channel allows you to message instantly to your team members.

Communication will be centralized in the app, managing remote workers a lot easier. To give you full functionality, Slack offers its iOS App and Android App.


Same Page

This collaboration software offers teams, subteams, private chats, tasks, and file sharing. Samepage can be configured to notify you via desktop and mobile, so you’re always aware when your colleagues, line managers, or mentor need your help.

This collaboration software runs meetings, manages projects, and coordinates events. Perfect for small, distributed teams!




With Zoom, users have the option to host meetings, chat, webinars, and conduct conferencing throughout their business. Due to the recent pandemic, offices have been working online, which implies a greater need for team collaboration.

Besides being able to mute and unmute yourself, you can also share your screen and record meetings and download them to your PC for later viewing and listening.

Best Cloud Storage Service 

I believe cloud storage is the ideal sharing tool, especially for remote cloud storage & collaboration documents and multimedia files that are too large to send via email.

Google Drive 

Google Drive is a centralized, secure cloud storage platform that lets you access all your files in one place. Remote workers can share documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations.

It is also used for reporting on weekly metrics. In addition, Google Drive files are accessible from any device, allowing individuals to access them from anywhere.


Email is not the best method for sharing large files, but Dropbox provides a modern workspace with several features for managing remote employees. The ability to sync, share, and collaborate on documents is easy for remote workers. An API makes it useful for remote collaborators. Users can share large files with anyone – PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Sketch.

Paying your remote employees

Many online payment platforms are used to pay your remote workers easily and at a low cost. The two most popular platforms for paying remote workers are:


PayPal, one of the very first online payment systems, is a trusted method of sending payments to anyone, whether they are doing remote work or not. Globally, it is the largest online payment platform.

Multiple currencies are supported, remote workers get paid from anywhere. You can use your bank account or credit card.

PayPal charges the receiver a small fee based on the transaction value. You will pay PayPal a transaction fee when transferring funds to your remote workers.


Another popular method for paying remote workers is Transferwise, which is also the least expensive. You can use this money transfer service to send money to workers in other countries.

Neither you nor your remote employees will break the bank. Its other advantage is its low fee and proximity to the real exchange rate. 

Here is how it works:

  • A free account is set up, your bank account is connected, and your identity is verified. 
  • Logging into your account, you initiate a payment.
  • Transferwise transfers money to your employees’ bank accounts at the best exchange rate.
Managing Your Remote Team.


With remote development teams, members enjoy a high level of freedom. How can we tell if people are doing their work and completing their tasks on time? Due to a lack of visibility and control, it is one of the biggest fears. As a result, transparency and accountability are essential for the existence and success of remote teams.


However, to facilitate transparency in a remote environment, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Clearly define project roles and responsibilities
  • Communicate the project’s specific goals to team members to make everyone stays on track
  • Specify working hours, holidays, and other ground rules for team members
  • Bring out the in-house recruitment process
  • Measure key performance indicators for the project and try to oversee problems

It can be challenging to keep in touch with your remote team. Despite the benefits of working from home or wherever you want, it can also get difficult at times.

When you work in the office, it’s much easier to pick up on a variety of cues (body language, facial expressions, etc.) 

But the benefits of being remote outweigh many of the downsides.

Recently, there has been an increase in resources available to remote teams for the ever-increasing number of companies that operate primarily or completely remotely.

The above tips will help your remote team be as productive as possible and improve collaboration, even if you’re remote for a few days or the whole year.

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Ricky Brooks
Ricky Brooks
9 months ago

Many office-based businesses can maintain performance and hit key deliverables via remote working.
When my team started working remotely, these were the simliar strategies I had.
The above given are the best practices on how to manage a remote team.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul
9 months ago

With these best managment software, businesses are able to hire top talent from different countries.

Nancy White
Nancy White
9 months ago

Great post, when we work remotely, it’s easy to neglect few engagement, the above articles include the best alternative collaborative tools.

Karin Kalif
Karin Kalif
9 months ago

Remote working may be best for some businesspersons, but, not everyone can work well in this environment.
Use best tools.
Strategize the whole work and delegate when in need.

Grace Wong
Grace Wong
9 months ago

Productivity in any workplace depends on predictability and structures.

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