Bartek Zdunek Outsourcing

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

No matter if you are new to business, or already an established entrepreneur, 
you will always need help.

If you are overwhelmed with work, and need someone to do
all these boring, repetitive tasks that you hate doing,
or just do not have skills or passion for,
than a Virtual Assistant is the perfect choice for you.

We handle all the recruitment and screening process
and deliver you the best employees!
Not only you will get people that are highly educated,
skilled and proficient in English,
but also well-trained
, and ready to jump right in.

And the best part is, they charge $2 an hour!

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The complete outsourcing course with an in-depth breakdown
of all the things you need to know about recruiting,
training and cooperating with outsourced employees.

  • Know how to start outsourcing RIGHT NOW!
  • Find out what are the best destinations for outsourcing.
  • Know how to manage your remote employees.
  • Learn how to hire professionals to do your work.
  • All the tools and documents required.
  • Live consulting included!

 All under one click!

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and learn to recruit, train and cooperate with your new outsourced employees!

If you already have outsourced employees, and you want to find out how to get the most out of your remote team using the best tools,
this course is for you!
You get everything I know about remote team management.
And I have been doing it for over 10 years!

These are modules of my GETMASTERVA course chosen specifically to teach you how to cooperate on a daily basis with you people.

Utilize the best team management software and practices to not only run your company smoothly, but make it run on steroids! 

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and learn how to manage your outsourced employees!