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Value Of Written Content

The Value of Written Content

What does the term ‘Content’ mean?

Content is anything that you put online to define your videos, graphics, texts, audio, or any other informative element.

Content is a flexible marketing strategy that can help any industry in increasing its revenue by increasing the number of customers through their websites without costing a lot. One can depend on its content to acquire its long-term goals. 

Content renders an incentive to a website by giving its clients motivation to visit the website and stay snared on it. A businessman in today’s era knows the significance of website quality traffic. 

To increase your customers through your content, you need to plan your content writing and content marketing effectively. Your content should align with the ideas, products, services, values of your business. 

Your content writing strategy will be considered if it can draw more customers to the website, and more importantly, it should be able to bring back the previous visitors to the website, i.e., readers should revisit your website. 

Once you can engage your visitors through your content, your visitors become potential customers, and thus your strategy should aim to finally turn them into your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Few reasons that make content writing a very important part of your business strategy are as follows:

Build Brand Awareness

Writing quality content and sharing it with your customers and visitors through social media, blog posts, articles, and websites will bring your latest products, schemes, and services to their notice. 

Thus, sharing engaging content related to your business will help build brand awareness among your customers as well as bring new customers to your business.

Website Ranking

Well developed content helps in the website ranking on the ‘Search Engine Result Pages,’ usually known as SERPs. When a person types some keywords on the SERPs, various results are displayed. 

Every businessman wants his website and web pages to rank higher in those results and attract more visitors to its websites. Content is also used to rank images, videos, graphics, etc. Through higher rankings, conversion rate increases, thereby making profits for the website owner.

Business Establishment

Regular, good quality and engaging content help your viewers and customers gain loyalty towards your business as all their queries and confusions are made clear through your content. 

As you post more and more content, and it reaches more and more people with a positive sign, you acquire more and more customers. 

Thus, good and strategically planned content helps in the establishment of your business and your new products/services, schemes, etc.

External Links

 External links refer to a condition when some other website has links directing the reader to your website. Quality content helps build external links to your website. External links are a very useful tool to get better rankings in SERPs as through external linking, Google algorithms see your website as trustworthy. 

Thus, you should try to gain links to your website from sources related to your products or services.

Social Media Shares

When you write good quality and engaging content, it drives the attention of many. When people like it and find the topic interesting, they share it with others through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

This way, you gain more popularity as your content is shared worldwide, and you acquire more and more customers. This is a way through which you get a large number of viewers with lesser efforts.

Customer Retention

When you write interesting, engaging content, your customers develop a tendency to come back to your content in search of more information. 

When they get the desired information and all their questions are answered hassle-free, they gain loyalty towards your brand, and thus those customers are retained by your company.

Value of Written Content
The Value of Written Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that is not the biggest social network but is certainly one of the most lucrative social networks. 

The reason is that the senior-level executives, decision-makers, c-suite professionals are available on this network, and one can connect with them at this network very easily as compared to the other ways, including both online and offline methods.

Some of the most important aspects of sharing your content on LinkedIn are:

  • Provides value to connections

When you add custom content to your LinkedIn profile, it brings a better insight into your products or services to the viewers, which adds value to your connections and helps you build a stronger network.

  • Notification for each post

When you post some content to your LinkedIn profile, each of your connections will be notified. This way, your content will reach all your connections as soon as you post it before it becomes obsolete.

  • Shares

If you post a piece of content that is interesting and useful, your connections will share it further, helping you to get a wider reach for your content and bringing you more customers.

  • Content reach increases if it is featured in LinkedIn Pulse.

If your content is featured on LinkedIn Pulse, it will be shared with a vast amount of people who are interested in content related to your post. Also, it may be added to LinkedIn’s weekly email and is sent to your connections.

  • Expert of your subject

When you post interesting and useful content regularly, you are considered an expert on your subject. The individuals who are viewed as a specialist in their general vicinity are regularly paid more and get more business. 

  • Establish credibility

Posting regularly and engaging with the viewers as well as updating your profile regularly not only increase your visibility but also establish credibility by gaining the trust of the viewers.

Also, many of the recruiters are hiring professionals using LinkedIn instead of using other job portals. 

The reason behind this is that they can have a glimpse of your personality by viewing your profile and posts as LinkedIn is more of a professional network, unlike other social media channels where the users also post for entertainment purposes. 

Thus, they do not need to call you at the office to have the first impression of yours, and you are scrutinized online alone. LinkedIn also provides the option of uploading your resumes to your profile, which can be accessed by your connections. 

Thus, LinkedIn makes the process of shortlisting candidates a simple task from a very complicated one.

Value of Written Content

A well written and thoughtful content for your websites, social media, newsletters, etc. makes you an expert in your subject in the minds of the readers. They gain trust in your business, and you gain customer loyalty. 

In the world today, where digital marketing is one of the most popular, having a much wider reach as compared to the traditional forms of marketing and is the cheapest form of marketing, content is the base that helps you succeed in your marketing goals. 

Marketing without well-written content would lead your efforts to go in vain. Thus, before writing a piece of content and sharing it with your audience, think, and strategize carefully and enjoy the fruits of good content.


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Tiffany S.
Tiffany S.
9 months ago

Afterall, content is king of marketing.

Abby Allen
Abby Allen
9 months ago

Well said, measuring the value and potential revenue generation is possibly the most significant measurement out of any.

Adelia Babook
Adelia Babook
1 year ago

The value of written content is all about , after you publish content you monitor its success.

Alice Baker
Alice Baker
9 months ago

Today the defination of content marketing, is different from traditional content writing.

Abby Mathews
Abby Mathews
1 year ago

Great Post

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