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Color Safe

Color Safe

Create palettes compliant with accessibility rules.

Designing for people with disabilities is still a rarity, especially on the web. Color Safe tries to change this by offering a tool that helps in choosing colors with the right contrast.

Note: there are many types of disabilities, and although the described website focuses on making it easier for people with visual impairments, it is also worth remembering about people who have hearing or mobility problems. WebAIM offers a lot of advice on this topic.

Coming back to Color Safe, the tool allows you to choose colors compliant with the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, i.e. with a contrast of 4.5: 1 or 7: 1, depending on the level of compliance with WCAG rules we want to achieve.

We start by choosing a font color and family, text size and thickness, and the standard we want to achieve.

Color Safe

“In most cases, AA is more than enough, but some companies and institutions must achieve AAA compliance,” the developers explain.

After setting the appropriate options, we get a list of colors that will ensure the appropriate level of contrast. We can filter by basic colors, and also click to see an instant preview at the top of the screen.

If we have already selected the background and font colors for the project, we can use the tool to check the contrast level by indicating the appropriate values. Perhaps we are not far from the goal and do not need to make meaningful changes.

Color Safe for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


A valuable tool that allows you to take care of the needs of people with visual disabilities. It’s just a contrast, and it can make life easier for many people.