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Color Supply

color supply

Another interesting tool to help you choose colors.

There are plenty of websites for choosing and creating color palettes online. 
Color Supply tries to distinguish itself not only with an interesting domain, but also with a set of visual examples that help to quickly check how the indicated colors will work “in nature”.

As is often the case, it all starts with the circle. We can choose several options for creating a palette: two complementary tones, adjacent colors, triad, four, and – some novelty – complementary with cut-off, for variety.

A problem may be the fact that the available wheel consists of twelve basic colors and we cannot – as in other websites of this type – enter or indicate any value.

 A strange approach, but the creators seem to imply that the details can be adjusted on their own.

So we choose two or more primary colors. Only then will an additional list of suggestions appear on the right, offering more variety.

Note: kits marked with a green dot have been prepared by professional designers from around the world.

Going down, we get a series of examples showing shapes and objects colored just based on our selection on the wheel. We can immediately see what more or less complex lines and shapes look like.

Next, there is also a special pattern to quite literally simulate the “overlapping” of colors, as well as the ability to instantly copy HEX codes.

Color Supply for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


Interesting and a bit “different” tool for selecting colors and creating palettes. For pastel fans.