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Pallets created and shared by Internet users.

Colord is another color service, but this time with more emphasis on user interactions. The concept is a bit like COLOURlovers, but less overwhelming when it comes to the multitude of options and the interface.

The color suggestions are grouped into several categories, which we switch directly on the home page. We start out by mixing all types, but we can easily move to single colors, for example.

Then we have palettes, i.e. user-prepared collections of several, and sometimes even a dozen or so colors. 

There are also gradients, i.e. more or less smooth transitions between tones.

All sections of the website can be additionally sorted: by popularity, date of addition, name or dominant color.

Note: if we want to use any of the presented works, in any category, it is worth first checking what license the user offers. This is often completely free CC0, but it’s worth making sure.

Colord for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


Colord is an interesting social networking site. Smaller and less active than COLOURlovers , but it does have advantages, to mention simpler browsing and more modest ads.