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Hex Naw

Hexa New

A way to check the contrast between colors.

Hex Naw is a tool that allows designers and developers to test the entire color palette for contrast and accessibility for people with visual impairments. Noble goal.

Note: there are many types of disabilities, and although the website described here focuses on making it easier for people with visual impairments, it is also worth remembering about people who have hearing or mobility problems. 
WebAIM offers a lot of advice on this topic.

After selecting up to twelve colors from our palette, the tool displays information about their compliance with the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This organization suggests a 4.5: 1 or 7: 1 contrast, depending on what level of WCAG compliance you want to achieve.

Note: The tool has a problem with pasting HEX codes. In this case, the solution is to delete the last letter or number and enter it “manually” from the keyboard.


Hex Naw creates a kind of matrix, checking the colors “everyone on each” and immediately informs whether a specific color of the text on the selected background will be compliant with WCAG standards.

The assumptions of the tool are therefore quite similar to the Color Safe described in our pages , which works a bit better. A competing service offers a better preview of the text on the selected background and immediately proposes alternatives that will provide the right contrast.

The advantage of Hex Naw is that the website allows you to compare much more than two colors at once.

Hex Naw for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


If we are looking for the right contrast for two colors, it is better to visit Color Safe . If we want to compare more colors, Hex Naw will come to the rescue.