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1001 Fonts


A large database of free fonts.

1001 Fonts is one of the most popular tools for people looking for free fonts, present on the web for many years. 

Therefore, it can boast of a considerable collection, already including almost 10,000 items.

The home page is also a search engine. On the top bar, you can indicate the category you are interested in.

The choice of tags is quite large: retro, sans serif, 3D, futuristic, modern, round and square cuts, and even … for Halloween. There is a lot to choose from.

As on many similar websites with fonts, we can immediately enter the phrase we are interested in, to check, for example, how a given proposal will work in the logo or whether it offers Polish diacritics (which, unfortunately, is quite rare).

The filtering options also include the type of license. 1001 Fonts offers fonts that are free for private use only.

 However, we can remove them from the list if we need something for commercial use.


During the search, we can change the size of the sample text, set the background color, the number of suggestions on the page and the type of sorting, and even save a link to the current settings so that in the future you will not have to use the menu again.

We can download fonts without any restrictions, but setting up a free account on 1001 Fonts will allow, for example, to add selected typefaces to your favorites or use the discussion forum. 

We can also send our own works to the website creators.

1001 Fonts for Free

All functions of the tool are available free of charge. If we like a font very much, some creators accept donations via PayPal.


1001 Fonts offers a smaller font collection than the popular DaFonts , with more modest filtering options and a less active community.