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A large database of free fonts.

The largest and oldest website collecting free fonts, with an impressive catalog of over 36,000 items. Plus an active community and plenty of search and filter options.

It’s best to start looking for the right cut by choosing the overall style. DaFont offers tons of categories such as comic, western, horror, retro, Cyrillic, science fiction, medieval, calligraphy, aliens, military, and tons, many more.

After selecting the category, we can simply enter the text we want to display. 

The next filtering options are the number of proposals displayed on the page, preview of variants within one font family, size or sorting by date of addition, popularity or name.

Much more interesting options can be found under the “more options” button. Here, for example, we can exclude items that are free for private use only, but no longer for commercial use.

Note: a valuable solution when looking for fonts with Polish diacritics is checking the “Accents” box. However, it is worth remembering that the creators have different approaches to the concept of “accent” and often we will get, for example, the correct “ł”, but not “ń”.

DaFont offers some pretty interesting social options. 

For example, we can find a list of the most popular authors (congratulations, Billy Argel), but also sort by country to see what the fonts look like from, for example, Vietnam. 

This should also ensure the presence of characters unique to the language.

After creating a free account, we can not only publish our own works on the website, but also use an active discussion forum. 
The section dedicated to identifying fonts is particularly popular. Just insert a picture and a group of enthusiasts will analyze the logo or symbol.

DaFont for free

All functions of the tool are available free of charge. Some authors are open to optional donations if we particularly like their work.


The largest and most popular free font site has not earned its position for anything. If we are looking for a specific font, chances are we will find it here. On the other hand, the sheer volume of the proposals may make the search take some time.