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Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Popular database of free fonts.

Unlike huge font databases like DaFont or 1001 Fonts, Font Squirrel offers a set of “hand-picked” suggestions.

The creators of the website focus on making all the typefaces offered not only for free, but also for commercial applications.

“We know how difficult it is to find high-quality freeware with a commercial license,” they assure. “We did this hard work for you, choosing the fonts ourselves and presenting them in an accessible form.”

Another difference from the giants in the world of free fonts mentioned at the beginning is the fact that Font Squirrel does not offer too advanced search options, such as the ability to enter your own sample phrase.

Filtering options include classic tags like retro, calligraphy, capital letters, programming, typewriter, humor, and so on.

A bit lower is a very valuable filter, thanks to which we can choose the fonts depending on where we can use them for free for commercial purposes: there is a desktop (graphics and documents), websites, e-books, and PDFs, as well as applications and software.

Note: Not all typefaces are available everywhere – be careful. The icons under each font also inform about the limitations.

If we need a complete set with standard, bold and italic fonts, we can use another filtering option. 

The authors of the website warned, however, that this option “may not work one hundred percent correctly”.

Note: Font Squirrel collects free fonts from many sources, which means that sometimes we will not download them directly from the site, but will have to go to other sites. Such items are marked as “offsite”.

Font Squirrel for free

All website functions are available free of charge. 
The creators earn money from advertising, but also from selling T-shirts and other gadgets.


Searching for fonts on Font Squirrel is not the easiest one, but we are absolutely sure that we will get offers that are completely free for commercial use.