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The League of Moveable Type

A set of really high-quality free typefaces.

The name “The League of Moveable Type” sounds like the superhero society from the Marvel movie and it must be admitted that the site’s goals are also laudable. It’s not about saving the world, it’s about free fonts, available to everyone.

The Moving Font League goes even further, as all the typefaces are also available as open source projects, published on the popular GitHub service. If we have the will and the appropriate knowledge, we can – for free – make any modifications, repackage the whole thing and enjoy freedom!

“We started in 2009 when graphic designers were just getting the opportunity to use their own fonts on the web. We opened the door with a font, a manifesto and an appeal to raise the standards on the Internet, ”recall the founders of the League.

As you might guess, the collection is small and currently only includes seventeen fonts. 

We do not receive Polish characters in all cases. However, nothing prevents you from adding a dash above the “n” and adding your own character to the set, in the name of open source …

The League of Moveable Type for free

Free, all free! “All our fonts are available for free, no matter what the use, expansion or learning” – explain the founders. “We live on donations, membership fees, and education.”


The League of Moveable Type is not only a collection of over a dozen interesting and completely free fonts, but also a noble initiative and the perfect place to start learning if you are interested in typography and creating your own typefaces.