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A set of tools to help you increase conversions.

Many internet users may not even know that they deal with the tools offered by AddThis every day.

 It is the most popular platform for adding links to social networking sites.

If you click on the Facebook or Twitter icon somewhere on the web to share interesting content, it is very likely that the code needed to display the list of available social networking sites was created on AddThis.

This prevalence is no coincidence. The described tool is completely free, easy to use, intuitive and fast. We start with creating an account and then start configuring our own list of social links.

There are six options: a standard list for sharing content, buttons for following on social networks, a panel with similar articles from our blog or website, building a database of email addresses, a promotional popup link and a donation bar.

Each of the tools can be adapted to your preferences step by step, using an easy-to-use configurator.

For example, in the case of a classic content sharing bar, we can specify not only where it will appear, but also what options it will display exactly, or what size and color it will be. We can even turn it off on certain subpages.

Going further, the tool for building a database of e-mail addresses can be immediately integrated with one of the e-mail programs or simply download the data in a CVS file. 

We will also freely adjust the inscriptions and – again – colors, position and so on.

After selecting all functions and options, it’s time to integrate with the website. AddThis displays the code and shows you exactly where to paste it. There is also pertinent information for users of WordPress, Magento, Tumblr, and so on.

Importantly, after posting the code on the website, we can not only modify options and add new tools from the AddThis level, but we also have access to statistics, thanks to which we can see, for example, which buttons are used the most.

AddThis for free

All website functions are available for free.


A collection of useful social tools. Lots of options and easy installation, all completely free.