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Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Some simple tools to help you increase your conversion.

Hello Bar offers a set of tools that – when pasted on our website – should help in increasing conversion, but also in collecting our users’ email addresses or increasing sales.

 The website is an alternative to AddThis , although it offers slightly different options.

We start by creating an account, and then Hello Bar asks us what we want to achieve: collecting emails, directing traffic to a specific URL, information about a sale or promotion, general announcement, allowing users to call us or display links to social networks .

After selecting one of the options, we go to the next phase, i.e. to select the place where the information will be displayed. A bar at the top of the page, a pop-up window, a slider, a notification, a button for expanding the list – there are several functions.


Then we go to the last stage of configuration. Hello Bar visits our website, provided during registration, and displays a screenshot, giving you an instant preview of what the selected tool will look like in practice. Useful.

What’s more, the algorithms prepared by the creators are able to choose the right colors on the basis of our website, so that the tool used is visible to visitors.

 If we do not like the choice, we can of course change it using the prepared templates or freely modify: colors, pictures, buttons and so on.

Using the wizard, we can also change the options selected at the beginning, i.e. the purpose and type of the tool.

At the end, there is still the installation, i.e. pasting the prepared code on the website. There are fewer options here than in the case of AddThis , because the creators limited themselves to HTML code, WordPress plugins, and integration with Wix.


Hello Bar for free

Most of the website’s functions are available for free. There are also paid options. For $ 29 a month or $ 289. Annually, we can remove Hello Bar branding from tools, handle more than 50 visitors per month, and get access to advanced configuration options.


Hello Bar is a handy tool that offers some interesting options that AddThis does not have . The applications, however, are hard to compete in terms of price and ease of use.