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Search engine for e-mail addresses based on the indicated website.

Contacting representatives of some companies – especially the larger ones – can be quite a challenge. 

Getting a satisfactory answer via automated contact forms is a miracle, and employee email addresses are meticulously hidden. Hunter comes to the rescue.

What’s the easiest way to describe the tool? It is an email address search engine based on websites. We enter an interesting domain to get a list of e-mail addresses almost immediately.

Importantly, Hunter scans not only the given domain and all its subpages, but the vast Internet resources in general, which allows to significantly expand the range of proposals. Each time we can even click a button and explore the list of sources.


Another option prepared by the creators of the tool is to verify whether the address we are interested in exists. How it’s working? After searching a given domain, we may not find the people we are interested in, but Hunter displays the pattern according to which company addresses are most often created.

For example, { suggests that the format consists of a first name and a surname.
If we know the name of the person we are looking for, we can enter the address prepared in this way into the verifier, which will check if the address exists. Clever.

Hunter for free

Basic options are available for free. If we want to make more than 100 inquiries per month and export in CSV format, we have to pay already. Prices start at 49 euros a month or 468 euros a year in advance.


Hunter offers a niche service, but does its job perfectly. Even if we think that searching the internet for specific people’s email addresses can be a bit controversial.