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A collection of tools to help increase website traffic.

Sumo is a rich set of plugins and add-ons that help keep users interested in our website, blog or shop. Ready-made tools will help in collecting users’ email addresses or improve the average order amount.

Sumo must first be integrated into the website. It is enough to paste the appropriate lines into the website code, but there are also a number of ready-made plugins that make the task much easier, for example in the case of websites built on the basis of the popular WordPress.

Then we go to the appropriate management center, which allows us to prepare the next forms displayed on our website, turn products on and off, and view statistics to check how the functions offered by Sumo are working.


In addition to forms, Sumo also allows you to create quick shortcuts that will be of interest to online shoppers: reducing the cart bounce rate, collecting emails, increasing the average order or automatically sending emails to people who have left the store without buying anything.

Unfortunately, only collecting e-mails is available for free. 

You will have to pay for the remaining options, which are in fact ready-made forms.

Sumo for free

The basic functions of the tool are available for free, mainly in terms of creating your own forms. 

Pre-made shortcuts and appearance options already require a Sumo Pro account valued at a minimum of $ 29 per month.


There is no shortage of websites on the web with similar assumptions, which are also much more generous to users who do not want to pay the subscription. You can even mention AddThis and Hello Bar .