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Tool that suggests keywords based on the selected phrase.

Ubersuggest, contrary to appearances, is not used to suggest the best drivers in the Uber application, but helps in searching for keywords related to the area of ​​interest. Everything with advertising and search engine optimization in mind.

Hint: which is rare, the tool can also handle words in Polish. It is enough to replace the target country in the search bar in the middle of the page.

Sounds not very clear? Let us take an example. If we run a blog dealing with broadly understood graphics, just enter the word “graphics” in Ubersuggest to find out about the situation on the search engine market.


First, it turns out that “graphics” is a very popular keyword, which will probably come as no surprise in the case of such a general definition. 

This also makes it very difficult to be successful in promoting our website due to the huge competition.

Ubersuggest will show us not only the average number of searches for a given keyword and the level of difficulty in dealing with competition, but also how much we will most likely have to pay for a click if we use Google’s paid promotion service.

A little lower, the application will suggest what other keywords should be associated with our “graphics” and put on the blog: “vector graphics”, “computer graphics”, “3d graphics” and so on. All based on actual search results from the last 12 months.

Ubersuggest for free

All tool options are available for free. Ubersuggest is an add-on to Neil Patel’s website that professionally improves search engine results.


The data presented by Ubersuggest is quite superficial and does not constitute a great secret, but it is collected neatly and makes it easier to work on the SEO issues of our website.