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A tool for mass resizing of graphic files.

Birme is one of those tools that has a specific purpose and doesn’t pretend to be more than that.
The website allows you to massively change the size of graphic files, and the only additional diversion is the option of changing the name at the same time.

I appreciate this approach, because narrow specialization often allows you to bring a specific task to perfection. Birme also cannot be faulted much. Of course, we start the process of modifying photos by importing them.

Before mass-changing the area, we can indicate where the crop will take place by setting the appropriate values ​​in the menu and then dragging the frame. 

Birme offers a valuable hotspot detection option, but if we have a lot of files, we can stretch a lot.

A small downside is also the fact that we cannot automatically assign an unusual frame to each photo – we have to move it separately.

The next field in the menu allows you to insert a frame for a new image, in any color and thickness. Then there is the option to set the final quality as a percentage.

A valuable feature, for example when importing from a camera, is the ability to mass-rename photos by format. We can enter almost any string – Birme will simply search for a fragment with X’s and convert them to numbers.

Hint: for example: Photo-xxx will become Photo-001, Photo-002, and so on.

And that was it. All you need to do is use the save option. We recommend that you choose a ZIP package, because the tool does not allow you to save files in bulk and if we process a lot of photos, we will have to save each one individually.

Importantly, although Birme is a tool available on the web, all activities are performed using the Javascript code on the side of our computer. This ensures security and reduces the working time – we do not have to upload and download anything from the network.

Birme for free

All website functions are available for free. The tool lives off ads.


Efficient and quick reduction and cutting of pictures. Birme does everything that can be expected.