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A comprehensive, free notebook from the Office suite.

OneNote, released for the first time in 2003, is a program used to collect notes, images, screenshots or sound files, creating handy databases on topics important to us. 
The whole concept resembles Evernote , Milanote and similar services.

In the past, the application was part of the Office suite, but Microsoft decided to limit the available functions, polish the interface and release the whole thing for free for users of the Windows 10 operating system.

Note: apart from Windows 10, we will also use OneNote on macOS, Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and directly from the web browser, but the latter via OneDrive or Office Online.

The operation of the program is relatively simple.

The two columns on the left side of the notebook are a place for wider sections, inside which there are pages – single notes. 
The actual content is in the other place.

Editing records will be familiar to anyone who has ever dealt with Word. 

The range of options has been limited to the necessary minimum, which significantly speeds up the work: font and size, bolds and italics, colors, lists and headings – everything necessary.

The important thing is that appearances can be deceptive and we are not dealing with a text editor. Therefore, nothing prevents you from going to the drawing tab and using the selected brush to describe the picture “by hand” or simply prepare a simple diagram or illustration.

The “fake Word” approach removes other constraints from us as well. Images can be imported into notes without losing quality, pages can be of any size and are not limited by the perspective of their printing, nor do they have to have a specific structure. In short: we do what we want.

You don’t even have to save. 
OneNote synchronizes data automatically, also if we work without Internet access – the files will be sent to the server as soon as we regain connection to the network. 
We may also share data and information with other users.

OneNote for free

All features of the application are available for free, although they may be associated with various restrictions, such as space limits in OneDrive or recording a maximum of three minutes of voice on Android.


OneNote is a great alternative to competing data collection and note taking applications, especially if we work in a Windows environment on a daily basis.