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Time tracking application, including the desktop version.

Toggl from Estonia is an extensive time management application with a set of mobile and desktop applications. For this full reporting and project management.

The assumptions of the program are similar to Timeneye : the first step after logging in is to complete the data with the projects and tasks on which we intend to spend time.
Then you can turn on the built-in counter and start working.

If we forgot to start the clock or – for example – we are just coming back from a meeting with a client, we can fill in the table ourselves and indicate the time frame.


The Application Center is a dashboard that displays current and future tasks for the next few days, for us or for the entire team. 
We can also start the comparison with the previous week immediately to check how the work is going and what we spend more time on.

Another important screen is reports, offering a more detailed look at the work done, broken down into team members, projects, and even individual clients – unless, of course, we forget to define them in advance and then assign them to the created tasks.

If we are concerned that creating tasks and projects will take longer than the work itself, we can benefit from simple integration with one of the other applications such as the popular Asana , Basecamp, GitHub, Teamweek and others.

Importantly, data can be instantly synchronized on various devices.
The creators took care of the mobile versions for iOS and Android, as well as for all the most popular “desktop” operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Toggl for free

The basic functions of the application are available for free. 
For additional options – such as setting paid man-hours and saving reports – we have to pay, starting from $ 9 per month per user.


Toggl is nice and efficient. The advantage is free user accounts and fast synchronization on almost any device.