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10 Ways to Increase Reach Through Social Media Organically

Increase Reach Through Social Media

Social media is a platform where you can communicate with your users, engage with them, help them with their queries, bring recent developments in your business to your customers, all in one place.

The aim behind using social media by any business is to create brand awareness, gain customer loyalty and acquire new leads and thereby conversions. To attain this objective, every business wants to communicate with more and more users.

To bring a brand to the notice of the audience, it becomes important that you get in touch with the maximum number of people possible.

But how will you do that?

There are two ways to reach your audience through social media channels. These are:

  1. Through paid advertisements
  2. Organically

In this article, we share some very important points that you can make use of to increase your reach through social media organically.

    • Learn social media algorithms

    The first and the foremost step in reaching your audience through social media organically is to know the basics of each social media channel. More importantly, you should know the algorithm of each social media network. These algorithms will tell you what appears on the timeline of the users. 

10 Ways To Increase Reach Through Social Media Organically

Below is a brief of some of the very famous social networks’ algorithms.

  • Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm comprises four factors; inventory, signals, forecastings and relevancy which determines the content people see in their News Feed.

The way that your audience interacts with your content is deeply observed.

Activities like comments and shares are considered more interactive than likes alone.

The best-ranking factor in the Facebook algorithm is the ‘Comments’ as it builds conversations among the users.

So, your aim should be to drive more and more comments to your posts to rank higher and for a wider reach.


  • Instagram Algorithm

The posts that appear in Instagram feeds of a user are determined by three factors. These are:


The post that Instagram considers might be of interest to the user will appear on top of his feeds.


Newer posts appear higher than the older posts.


The posts from the accounts that a user has viewed earlier also appear higher compared to other posts.

Also, the posts that get higher engagement appears higher in the feeds of the user and tend to get a better ranking and wider reach.

10 Ways To Increase Reach Through Social Media Organically
  • Twitter Algorithm

The posts on Twitter are usually reverse chronological. The posts that Twitter thinks are relevant to the user are displayed higher on the timeline.

Some of the factors that Twitter considers while displaying posts on a user’s timeline are:

  • It considers the recency of the post along with the images and videos contained in a post. It also considers the engagement a post receives based on clicks, retweets, etc.


  • It takes into account the previous post of the author that a user has shown interest to.


  • It considers the type of post she got engaged in in the past and also how often the user uses Twitter.

Once twitter gives a relevancy score to the posts based on the above factors, each tweet is categorized under one of the following heads:

  1. Ranked tweets
  2. In case you missed
  3. Remaining tweets in reverse-chronological order
10 Ways To Increase Reach Through Social Media Organically
  1. Analyze which channel serve you best

You should analyze which social media channel yields you the best results.

Your audience may not be present on each social media channel. For example, if you deal in B2B business, LinkedIn will serve you the best, while Pinterest may be of less importance to you.


You should focus your efforts on the channel that your user makes the most use of.


Some quick tips to determine which channel serve you the best are:

  • Ask the users

The best and the easiest way is to simply ask the users which channel they use the most. You can do so by contests, polls, surveys, emails, etc.

Once you know the answer, you may divert all the attention to the channel you find in the results.

  • Analyze your share counts

Whenever you post anything on social media, adding the share button is a mandate.

When your post is liked by the users, they share it. You should keep an eye on who shared your content and at what place.

Once you know the user’s behavior, you can put your energy to the platform from where you get the maximum shares and to the platform where your content is being shared. 

  • Analyze your competitors

Get an insight into your competitors’ activities.

Know where they are posting and from where they are getting the maximum results. You may also use the channels they are using.


10 Ways To Increase Reach Through Social Media Organically
  1. Optimize your profiles on social media

You should optimize your social media profiles for keywords.

This will help you in search rankings. You may rank higher if you use your targeted keyword in your social media profile name or your social media business page name. You should also use your targeted keyword in your subcategory.

If you are using Twitter, make sure that you do not use the hashtags in your bio.

You can use only those hashtags that you own in your bio on Twitter.

Some basics to optimize your social media profile are:

  • You can show your expertise using the free social space and also make your profile look powerful using images, usernames, etc.
  • Your audience should easily understand your brand by the description provided. You can also provide links to your website that may add value to your content.
  • Your information section should be completed and you should use your targeted keywords in this section.
  • You should not promote your brand all the time. The content you share should be able to help people.
  • You should focus on using high engagement keywords to boost your engagement which in turn will boost your search rankings.
  1. Post your content correctly

You should post the type of content that does not expire. You can try to post something funny or informative. People tend to share positive content more than negative content. Also, make sure that your posts are mobile-friendly.

A large number of users use social media through their mobile phones only.

Also, you can make use of various tools like Google Analytics, SimilarWeb to determine which type of content engages most of the users and share your content accordingly.

You can also use the inbuilt monitors of social media platforms like ‘Facebook Insight’, ‘Twitter Analytics’ for the purpose.

  1. Prefer quality over quantity

According to Facebook, on average, a Facebook user is exposed to approximately1500 posts daily. But Facebook only shows around 300 of these to boost engagement.

It shares those posts with the users that it thinks are most relevant to the users. This statement clarifies that posting too much may not be a big help.

Whatever you post should be of high-quality and be able to engage your audience.


According to research by ‘’, posting twice a week on your social media channel is preferable. You should also never do clickbait.

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Dixon Chapman.
Dixon Chapman.
8 months ago

Social media marketing is simple in one sense. Create content that adds value and then pop it out to as many people’s eyeballs as possible.

Orpah Bills
Orpah Bills
7 months ago

Every social network has their little ways to maximize your marketing.

Jack Lames
Jack Lames
7 months ago

Social media platforms are pushing companies towards paid ads and promotions to help boost their social media strategy.

Larry Bloom
Larry Bloom
9 months ago

Understanding the basics of each social platform will only get you so far.

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