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Assign These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

Assign These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant


Hiring a Virtual Assistant can cure your delegating woes

Every hour spent doing tasks like invoicing, HR, employee benefits, scheduling meetings, or general admin is helping to keep your business small. Instead of dedicating your time and energy to achieving your long term business goals, you’re diverting it towards the non core things of your business.

In small business, hiring isn’t always the best solution since it can create even more administrative work. But there is an easier way to free up your time without overburdening yourself.

 Hiring a virtual assistant.

The average entrepreneur spends 68% of the time working ‘in’ their business – doing day-to-day tasks, putting out fires, etc – and only 32% of the time working ‘on’ their business (Source: The Alternative Board)

Hiring a virtual assistant to help with business tasks is probably the best decision a small business owner can make. In most cases, the next step is finding out which tasks need delegating. Small Business Owner/Entrepreneurs in such a situation ask themselves,

What can I possibly delegate to a virtual assistant?

A VA is basically an independent contractor or freelancer who performs all your social media and administrative tasks, while working from remote locations. Working with a VA can feel awkward and confusing at first.

Assign These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

Administrative Tasks.

 You need to perform these routine tasks every day to keep your business running smoothly. These tasks can take a lot of time, which means you wouldn’t be able to complete core activities of your business or firms..  Virtual Assistants (VAs) are commonly used by business owners to handle this. The skilled individuals working remotely may be able to provide the following services:

  • Data Collecting
  • Data organization
  • Report generation
  • Online researching
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Template and forms creation
  • Personal calendar management
  • Email maintenance (subject to your guidelines)
  • Project management tasks

Content Writing. 

There is a lot of research and time involved in writing. While ideas are plentiful, the way you communicate them is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Online marketing requires a lot of writing from blogs, social media posts, emails, etc. You are looking for writers who can come up with interesting articles and punchy lines that include, but are not limited to:

  • Blog creation
  • Proposal writing
  • Copywriting
  • Guest blogging
  • Article rewriting/spinning
  • SEO writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Marketing-related articles (newsletters, promotional emails, etc.)

In addition, you can get them at a significantly lower hourly rate. The question is: who knows? Your personal wordsmith is probably just a click away!

Assign These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

Graphic and Web Design. 

Performing these tasks requires specific skills and some level of experience. And, creativity is limitless, but it also comes with a price. Rather than working with one time freelance designers, I recommend delegating these design tasks to your virtual assistant, who can help you focus on your website or marketing collateral ideas. It’s a great way to save both time and money.

  • Logo design
  • Brochure creation
  • Site design (banners, headers, and sidebars)
  • Flash presentation
  • Social Media Deliverable
  • Small video making (reels or tiktok)
  • Sales and marketing collaterals design

Social Media Management.

 In a world where most customers are glued to social media, keeping active and interactive is more crucial than ever. Real-time communication with your customers is part of social media. To determine how a trend may affect your business or target market, you need to monitor the latest buzz and trending news. Therefore, you need someone who will dedicate her time and energy to managing your social media accounts. It will be too heavy to pass on to your marketing personnel who probably already have their hands full. Your VA can help you cover the following tasks:

  • Manage Twitter posts
  • Monitor retweets, mentions, and replies
  • Facebook page management
  • Monitor likes and shares
  • Reply to comments
  • Consolidate complaint reports
  • Post scheduling and curating
  • Content promotion


In order to succeed, you have to understand the demand for your product or service and your competition inside out. You need to know the headlines, but you won’t have time to do the granular, time-consuming research.

A virtual assistant can help you interpret Google analytics, or create reports and suggest actions based on data from platforms you use for social media. They can set up in-depth research so you can work out which ads or content resonate best with your target audience, and they can build surveys, or work with a survey company on your behalf, to help you gain a better understanding of your market.

They can also call up your customers, to ask for feedback on your provided services, and add valuable insights.

Your business will suffer if you do not fully comprehend your market. Make sure your blind spots are covered.

How to Delegate The Projects To Virtual Assistant.

Entrepreneurs need to understand which tasks need to be delegated and why before delegating them. Virtual assistants can be used for a number of reasons, including:

  • When the task is repetitive, boring, and easy
  • Entrepreneurs who have other high priority tasks to focus on
  • The task requires a specific skill set
  • When the entrepreneur plans to travel and needs someone to handle the administrative tasks
  • When there are too many tasks to complete

An entrepreneur who wants to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant must first track their routine activities for at least a week, and then classify the activities into the following categories:

  1. Critical tasks (business management and planning)
  2. Routine tasks (bookkeeping, writing reports, attending phone calls, responding to emails)
  3. Managing files and backing up data (but not a critical task).

In order to reach one’s goals and aims, an entrepreneur must focus on and devote the maximum amount of time and attention to core activities of business.

There are numerous tasks from the above given category that can be effectively delegated to a virtual assistant. 

These routine tasks are very easy to conduct so you will not need a VA with specific expertise to perform them at their optimal. You won’t even have to worry about how they are performed. 

The tasks belonging to the above given third category do not require daily attention and hence can even be postponed until all the important work is done.

Delegating all the tasks at once is not a good idea. Building a pace is important, so start by delegating those tasks you find difficult, those you find boring and those that drain your time or energy away from your important tasks. 

If you delegate a task to your VA, you should ask yourself, “How much stress will I be under and how much time will I have to do other things?

Assign These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant


Entrepreneurs looking for greater efficiency should remember that it’s impossible for them to perform every task in their business themselves.

If it doesn’t help you to grow then don’t do it yourself. And if you can’t automate it, then outsource it to a virtual assistant.

Within a matter of years, the Internet will transform the dynamic of our workforce.

As outsourcing levels the playing field of the global work industry, we see mixed teams collaborating both in-house and remotely. 

Smart delegation is the game changer in this ongoing work shift. These tasks, as well as others, can be outsourced to increase productivity, spend resources wisely, maximize the potential of your business, and ultimately, spur its growth.

By delegating, you become the CEO of a small business instead of a founder of a startup. There will be times when the process runs less than smoothly, and you may be tempted to take back the work you delegated.

However, if you’re committed to building a successful company, you should figure out where you went wrong and learn from it. Maybe you chose the wrong VA for the job or perhaps your instructions were unclear.

With practice, you’ll improve the process of working with a VA — just as you do with all your other business activities. In fact, you’ll find it hard to believe you ever managed without a virtual assistant or two.

I Also have two VAs, one is in North India and another one is in South India, both are highly educated and working from well developed cities of India.

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Piper Jefferson.
Piper Jefferson.
9 months ago

Nice, all those tasks with just one hire!!
These VAs can be your right hand.

Lorna Moreelo
Lorna Moreelo
9 months ago

Working with a VA can feel awkward and confusing at first.
Just wondering, how did you felt while working with your first VA?

Ray Ronalds
Ray Ronalds
6 months ago

Shoutout to all small businesses and new entrepreneurs, you might want to consider the virtual assistant after reading this blog.

Juan Bogan
Juan Bogan
8 months ago

I knew that if I wanted my business to grow I could not do all of the work myself.
So I a VA.
And, now my business is scaling

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