Outsourcing Could Be The Most Important Business Skill You Will Ever Learn!
Learn to recruit highly educated outsourced employees, even if you've never hired anyone before!
For $3 an Hour Or Less!

WARNING! This is an offer ONLY for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses!

So before we continue, let me show just 2 screenshots so you can get a sense of what's possible:

This one is before we started working together...
$6250 a month for a Web Designer...

This is what our first week together looked like when we implemented the EO Framework

$6040 saved after just one month !

The point of this is to show you that... what you are about to read on this page is 110% legit.

And it works.

But, unlike most sales pages you've seen in the past, squeezing your arm to make you buy whatever they are selling...

Pushing you as hard as possible, with ridiculous claims, one-off-wonder figures, and stats...
explaining how their product is the only path to freedom or the world's going to end...

I won't try to do that... nothing even remotely close.

I want to present you with some facts, I want to show you "the lay of the land" and where the online world is moving...

And point you in the simplest, fastest, and easiest direction to take advantage of what's already going on"¦

"Recognizing opportunity at its very start, and riding the wave at its beginning is where the most wealth is made...

Sounds good?

Ok...let's dive in.
Posting organic, creating graphics, writing blog posts, managing your FB page, replying to emails...
Creating your entire presence on Social Media...
Do not forget about your actual work- you still have to make money!
That's hard.

Like really hard.

But regardless of how hard it was and how tedious was the process... we all have to do it.

The good news is, we
do not have to do it ourselves...


Let me correct myself...

The good news is we can hire people to do this for us...

The bad news is...

They cost a lot of money!

My guess is you already researched hiring someone. Right?

"Our Agency has the best employees"

You probably are getting emails like this all the time...

"I am an expert...my mission is..."

Your Facebook and LinkedIn inboxes are probably full of pitches like this...

And you get new ones every month...

And you probably went on job sites like Monster or Indeed...

After seeing salaries you start thinking you have chosen the wrong business....

Employees cost a lot...

Do they?

Let's say you hire some VA agency for a month.

You know...one of those that spam your inbox every day offering "experts" for $8 an hour...

You start to wonder...
  • Will the job be done on time?
  • Who is actually doing tasks assigned by me?
  • How safe is this agency?
  • Will I receive a high quality product or service?
  • How is their English? If they call my customers I do not want them to embarace me.
  • Will you make any profit?

Not really a dream scenario, right?

And certainly not fun at all.

So, let me ask you something...

If I can show you a way that's going to take you to that freedom...

Financial freedom.

Time freedom.

Freedom of choice.

And allow you to help even more people that you considered possible...

A way that's proven, faster, a lot less risky, and a bit different than what you've planned when you were starting...

Would you be interested?

Yep? Amazing.

It's going to require some work on your part (I'm sure you are not afraid of putting in the hours for something greater)

But it's gonna allow you to reach a point where a really small percentage of coaches, consultants, and service providers end up...

Imagine being able to:

Start saving thousands of dollars from day 1

Stop wasting time and focus on making money

Have all your Social Media run by your employees

Stop worrying about money, and enjoy life!

Today I want to show you how to take advantage of this new booming strategy that's being used by less than 5% of coaches, consultants, and service providers...

But before we continue, I want to make something clear...

Although this is an unparalleled way to grow any personal practice in 2022...

It is NOT working that insanely well because we invented the rocket to take you to Mars.

It is working because THAT'S where the MARKET is!

And it's working because almost no one is doing it... yet!

That's it.

And that's what's making it so powerful and so effective... and that's how we are seeing results like these:
Ok, I'll break it down for you in just a moment, but first, let me tell you if this is for you...

If you...

  • Are an online business owner and you have your own product to sell...but you are struggling to get clients.
  • Do not have an employee to help you...yet.
  • Don't know how you can make use of your new employee for your own business.
  • Cannot afford to hire someone...
  • Are tired of DMing and posting, spending your days on social media, instead of spending all your time helping clients and making money...
If you've nodded your head on any of these, EO Framework is gonna be heaven-sent to you.
  • EO Framework solves the problem of not getting enough clients,by having someone to do 90% of tasks.
  • EO Framework helps you avoid wasting time on creating graphics and writing posts.
  • EO Framework allows you to focus on making money, instead of finding ways to make them.
  • EO Framework is an evolved way of outreaching your clients, by having someone to do it for you!
That's what makes this unique.

EO Framework does not require any legal or accounting knowledge. It is designed to set you up from start in the easiest possible way. Using our EO framework, everyone can outsource their own employees!

Plus... almost no one is doing it, so you gain enormous competitive advantage!

It will train you to hire the best people at the lowest salary possible.

And here's probably the BIGGEST thing EO Framework is going to do for you and for your business...

EO Framework will allow you to hire people that will make money for your business better than you do!

You'll be able to Hire Experts

Why big companies are literally fighting to find them and attract them inside their world?

See... when you strip everything down to its essence, we hire people to make us more money.

Unlike Apple or Google, where it's all about prestige and ridicoulysly high salaries...

We are looking for people from outside of "our world" that no one knows about!

And the only thing that's 100% going to be here with us humans in 5 billion years is - discrepancies in salaries based on where people live!

That's a guarantee!

Now... we all think we know what outsourcing means...

Well, not really.
Most of people think that having outsourced employees is hiring a VA agency..

Meaning " I am very happy, I pay this agency $8 an hour"

And that's completely fine. If you are happy and the job is done well, it's OK.

And, on the other hand, you just do not know any other way.

Imagine having your own employees, that you recruited yourself, that you know are experts in their field of work,
and they work for you 8 hours a day,
and you have complete control over their work and it's outcome!

It doesn't get easier than that, right?

And that's what a small group of coaches, consultants, and service providers are doing behind the scenes!

While everyone else is wasting ad dollars on webinars and VSLs, writing posts on social media, fighting and hoping for the attention of one perfect person who will become their client...

EO Framework will position you as an authority in your field... and it will be done by your $2 an hour employees!

So, how does the EO Framework actually work?

Well, there are really only
4 steps to it...

Knowing what is possible

Knowing who exactly do you need

Knowing where to look for

Posting and ad in a way it attracts the best people

That's it.

Imagine having your own employees, who are experts in their fields, and are making you more money day after day...


Providing revenue.

Paying for their own salaries.

All that while being super excited to work for your company.

Talking about your company... When you join EO Framework today as a...


We are going to include a Secret Strategy our customers use to present themselves as a big corporation, so their job ads attract more, and more experts.

Simple techniques to make you look good and trustworthy.

With sky-high response rates.

This is going to take your job ad and put rocket fuel behind it.

Turing your small business into a big corporation
- in the eyes of not only your future employees, but your prospects as well!

You'll have what's known as your "Legend" and no one will know how you are able to afford such great employees all the time.

But we don't want to stop there.

There's another bonus I want to include for you today.


I want to send you our Email Templates that are routinely adding up to 100 responses to out job ads.

These simple emails will make sure your candidates receive professional replies from your "team"

To make it simple for you to understand...

When people are sending their resumes to big companies, they do not expect to get replies from the owner/CEO, but an HR employee or "team" .

Simple as that.

And those few simple professional emails will be more than enough to "out-advertise" all your competitors.

Let's face it- when looking for employees, other companies are your competition!

However, that's not all...

I have 2 more bonuses for you today...

But before I tell you what those are, let me ask you something.

How much would this be worth to you?

How much would a full-blown system, with an irresistible corporate image, with a perfect job ad, with all the email templates, tools, tricks and examples...

The entire process from A to Z...


How much would that be worth to you?

Having it work for you on autopilot and building your team of experts when you are asleep.

Waking up to your phone with a view like this:
A thousand dollars?



Right? Who cares?

Cause, once your expert employees are hired,
they will be making money for you for months and months, maybe years to come.

Waking up knowing exactly what the outcome of their work is going to be...

What graphics and blog posts they created and how many prospects they contacted...

What will happen if you don't work for 2 weeks because everthting is being done for you?

The peace of mind EO Framework can bring to your life does NOT have a price tag.

I agree.


Back to bonus #3.


Scaling Workshop.

The exact steps we go through with all of our clients to ensure the best use of your employees.

This is how we make sure we hit a grand slam every single time.

It is our little secret behind all the success our clients are seeing with EO Framework.

Today it's yours absolutely for FREE as bonus #3.


And last but not least.

I want to share with you my experience when it comes to working with people from other cultures!

Let's face it - working with people who's mentality is way different than yours is no fun.

Different religion, different culture, different holidays, different approach to esthetics...

I mean (uuuff) even thinking about it I get chills down my spine.

So I will share with you that is neccessary
to make cooperation with your new outsourced employee as smooth as possible.

So you don't have to spend 3 years like I did figuring out what to say, how to behave and how to connect with your new employees so they do exactly what you want them to.
OK, before I tell you how much is the investment for the entire EO Framework with all 4 bonuses, let me recap everything that's included:

What you'll get today:

  • The process.
  • Where to look.
  • Who to hire
  • Salaries
  • Selection
  • Recruitment branding
  • Tricks on how to save money
  • Wages calculations
  • Profits forecasts
  • Invoice templates
  • Email templates.
  • Job ad templates
  • The contest with amazing prizes!
  • Access to the private FB group.
  • BONUS #1: Secret strategy we use to make your company look like a big corporation, so it attracts the best candidates.
  • BONUS #2: Email templates to add 100 responses to out job ads.
  • BONUS #3: Our scaling workshop. The exact steps we go through with all of our clients to ensure the best use of your employees.
  • BONUS #4: All knowledge and years of experience in dealing with different cultures.

In the past, we were hiring local,
just to have our Social Media done.
Let's not forget Ads...

And it was expensive.

Like, REALLY expensive.

To get blog posts written, new one every single day, copywriters charge $15,000 - $20,000 dollars.

That's just the writing part.

Then you'd have to hire a graphic designer.

If you get a good one, with a proven track record...it'll cost anywhere between $10,000 - $20,000.

Then comes the media buying.

Get someone to take care of your FB and IG ads - it's $5,000/month.

Add YouTube to that and it can go to $7,500 per month.

And then if you get a conversion rate optimization expert...

They can charge you up to 30% of the revenue they create for you.

If you add all these up...

It can easily ramp up to $40,000 - $50,000 to get a your company's image running in the Internet
and collecting leads.

And the worst part is not the price you have to pay.

Trust me, we went through it more than once.

The worst part is - you don't know what are you getting and how everything will turn out.

Will they meet their deadlines?

Will they answer your emails if you want to change something?

Will they get back to you if something is broken?

To put it simply...

It's HARD!

And it's really expensive.

So tell me...

Would a fully functioning recruitment process guaranteeing you postgraduate, experienced employees
for $2-$3 an hour... would that be worth to you one payment of $997?

If you recruit locally, even paying $10 an hour to some fresher, because you decided to spend your time training your new employee yourself, after one month, 160 working hours would sum up to $1600.

And who can you get for $10/hour? A waitress looking for a new start?

You need experts!

Now imagine how would you feel, if instead of paying $6250 for an expert Graphic Designer,
You would just have to pay $210...a month!


And not being able to recruit postgraduates with amazing work experience for $2 an hour
using EO Framework is impossible!

But, I was teaching you here all the time that the RECRUITMENT PROCESS is the KING.

You remember that?

And although, as you just saw, at $997 this would be a no-brainer offer...

We promised no BS'ing.


Let's say you are a web designer and you are creating simple websites for $2000.
And you create 4 of these a month.

Meaning you only make $8000 a month.

Not too bad, right, but it ain't a grand.

Let's say you decide to use the EO framework and hire yourself help...

a really good graphic designer...for$2 an hour.

That's $320 a month.

If your new employee's work is of the same quality as yours...

You can jum from $2000 to $4000 for $320...

$1680 profit! One one website...

And when your new employee works at the same pace as you...

Four websites a month...

That's 4x $2000- $320= $7680

Every single month you get $7680 more on your bank account!!!


Even with an $997 spent on this course, you'd make your investment back in no time.

Now, this offer is becoming way better.

All the knowledge, framework, templates, techniques

For an irresistible offer, you have to have a discount.

And not any kind of boring 20-30% discount.

It has to be one that’s so good and so compelling… it has to make your reader feel like…

"Man, I'd have to be crazy to miss this"

With that said... here's your "crazy to miss" discount.

Right now, as part of this promo...you can get the ETO Framework, dissected to the last point...

  • The process.
  • Where to look.
  • Who to hire
  • Salaries
  • Selection
  • Recruitment branding
  • Tricks on how to save money
  • Wages calculations
  • Profits forecasts
  • Invoice templates
  • Email templates.
  • Job ad templates
  • The contest with amazing prizes!
  • Access to the private FB group.
  • BONUS #1: Secret strategy we use to make your company look like a big corporation, so it attracts the best candidates.
  • BONUS #2: Email templates to add 100 responses to out job ads.
  • BONUS #3: Our scaling workshop. The exact steps we go through with all of our clients to ensure the best use of your employees.
  • BONUS #4: All knowledge and years of experience in dealing with different cultures.
Let's say each of these templates is worth just $97
(eg. a job ad that gave me a copywriter making $4000 for me each month...)


Value of all these templates is $679.


Bonus #1 Secret strategy we use to make your company look like a big corporation, so it attracts the best candidates.

Say you are looking to hire someone local for $15 an hour. That's t $2400.

At the end of the year you'd be looking at around 29 thousand dollars.

Just from this one recruitment.

When you use EO framework and recruit for $2 an hour, that would sum up to $3,840 yearly.

$29,000 - $3,840= $25,160.

$25,160 saved each year!

Just from this one simple strategy.

So the value of bonus #1 is actually $25,160.

We are generous and lowered it to $997.

Bonus #2 Email templates to add 100 responses to out job ads.

Picture this...

You are paying 50 dollars to post a job ad.

You follow the EO Framework to the letter..

You get 200 applications...

And just 10 people write back to you after you email them!

If you use these email templates you will get 100% of candidates eagerly writing and waiting for an interview.

So...saying this bonus is worth at least $497 sounds pretty reasonable.

Bonus #3 Our scaling workshop. The exact steps we go through with all of our clients to ensure the best use of your employees.

As we already said - Recruitment Process is the King!

Make everything perfect. You company branding, who to hire, how much to pay, what ad to post and...

what to do with your new employee... everything.

If you do not follow the process...

The entire thing will fall flat on its face.

So having our proven scaling workshop, where you'll see how just few simple steps guarantee you hundreds of experienced and educated applicants at $2 an hour wage is worth at least $997.

Bonus #4 All knowledge and years of experience in dealing with different cultures.

This bonus will save you from headaches and overwhelm.

Having a video to help you navigate whenever you are stuck with the your employees behaving in a way you jutr cannot understand and handle...

This bonus is worth at least $197.

So you are getting:

  • EO Framework - Value $197
  • All The Templates - Value $697
  • BONUS #1: Secret strategy we use to make your company look like a big corporation - Value $997
  • BONUS #2: Email templates to add 100 responses to
    your job ads - Value $497
  • BONUS #3: Our scaling workshop. The exact steps we go through with all of our clients to ensure the best use of your employees- Value $997
  • BONUS #4: All knowledge and years of experience in dealing with different cultures.- Value $197

Total value: $3,582

For one payment of $197 $27

That's how you craft an irresistible offer.

But there's still something missing.

A guarantee.

Listen, the reality is...

You have no idea what's waiting for you inside the EO Framework.

It can be low quality... it can be hard to use.

It can be cluttered.


The templates might be bad.

Not functioning.

You never know, right?

We all have these questions when we are joining something new...and we never know what's waiting for us.

And i don't want you to assume all that risk.

There's more than enough of the day-to-day stuff that life throws at us we have to deal with... stress about, and worry...

So I don't want the LTO Framework to be yet another thing that's going to take your mental space and worry whether you made the right choice or not.

The EO Framework Guarantee

So when you join me today and you get all the EO Framework I'll include a no-questions-asked guarantee for not 30, not 60, but full 365 days.

You'll have a full year to go through everything, use all the templates,, set everything to go live and get your first employees, test them...
...and then decide if it was worth the investment.

A lot better deal!

So tap the button below right now, and take advantage of this amazing offer today.

This is not going to stay here forever, I know that for sure...

We are in the process of turning this offer into an exclusive one-on-one done-with-you program...

And when we do, it's going to be a 5-figure investment and this offer is going to go back into the vault.

So tap the button below right now, get inside the EO Framework... join us in our FB group, use all the templates, set up your job ad...

And take a full 365 days to decide if it was worth it or not.

If you feel there were better ways to invest $27 dollars, just email me and we are going to send you a 100% refund right there on the spot.

See you inside...

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Absolutely nothing. No funny stuff and small print here. Simply email us at team@bartekzdunek.com and we'll refund you on the first working day. And yes, we'll have you covered for an entire year - that's how sure we are you're going to be blown away with what's inside the EO Framework program
To be 100% honest… I have no idea. Right now this is a promo we are running and the team is still available to help all the new people that are joining. When we hit the capacity of how many people we can help - we are going to remove the discount.
Yes! Once a week there is a live session with me on our Facebook group where you can ask me any of the questions you might have. Recruitment, Emails, Job Ads, Your “Legend”… anything
Using our templates and process you will be able to recruit your first outsourced employee in as little as 2 weeks or less
If you don't like the EO framework then you can ask for a full refund within 365 days. We'll refund every penny. No Questions Asked!
That's completely up to you! What I recommend though, is getting this bundle while it is still available, so when you launch your business, you will already have a way to go sky high with an incredibly cheap employee!