Bartek Zdunek Outsourcing

Recruit, train and cooperate with
highly educated outsourced employees
for $2 an hour, OR LESS!

Stop relying on agencies! Get your own full-time employees!

What Is Easy Outsourcing Program?

Easy Outsourcing Program is a 90-day mentorship program exclusively with Bartek Zdunek.

During the first 30-day sprint, we’ll focus on how to attract the best candidates,
recruit them and train based on your needs.

For 90 days you will have a complete support in developing a "boss mentality" and creating an authority needed to succesfully manage employees.

We will create a complete system of management using the latest software
that will allow you to delegate tasks to your employees in the most efficient way.

You get exclusive access to all our products, systems & processes, 1-1 mentorship from Bartek,

a community of winners, events and much more.

Bartek provides hands-on mentorship to ensure you can create a long-term recrutiment and management system that’s capable of running and growing on its own using a custom roadmap designed specifically for you..

What’s Included In The Easy Outsourcing Program?

  • 90 Minute Deep Dive Battle Plan Call
  • 30-Day Recruitment, Training and Cooperation Sprint
  • 90-Day Management Support
  • Legal and Accounting System Implementation
  • Employee Training Structure
  • Company Branding Creation
  • Recruitment Process Build Out
  • Legal and Accounting Documents
  • Plug & Play Task Management Software Templates
  • Interview Structure
  • Management Software Implementation
  • Twice per Week Mentorship Calls
  • Easy Outsourcing Course

Who Is Bartek Zdunek?

Hi there,

Well, let’s start with who I’m not.


I’m NOT some marketing “guru”.

I’m NOT some coach who simply decided to coach others. (I’ve only ever taught what I’ve used in my business and ONLY what has worked well for me).

In 2009 I left my corporate job and opened my first business- an import-export company.

I was traveling all over the world, from one country to another, sealing one deal after another.

During my stay in Asia, I decided to leverage the huge potential of highly educated people from developing countries who are more than willing to work for very little money. 

In 2019 I created BZ1Media, a media agency hiring over 60 employees from Asia and Eastern Europe.

After running it for over four years, I decided to use my knowledgeI to assist other businesspeople who face daily challenges with employment costs and team management.

I have recruited and trained over 400 employees and set up dozens of management systems.

I have helped many happy customers, who delegated most of their daily tasks
to their outsourced employees and can now focus on making money and enjoy more time with their families.

Some Of The Clients I’ve Worked With:

How easy or hard is it to recruit an outsourced employee ?

Using our templates and process you will be able to recruit your first outsourced employee in as little as 4 weeks or less

I don't have an established online business yet. Do I need this?

That’s completely up to you! What I recommend though, is getting this bundle while it is still available, so when you launch your business, you will already have a way to go sky high with an incredibly cheap employee!

How long will you assist me with managing my new employees?

The program lasts 90 days, but I always stay with my clients for as long as needed until they are ready to lead their employees.