Bartek Zdunek Outsourcing

 Surprises should be at the very end, but I will tell you right now:

You get 3 employees for the price of one!

I’m here to help you save valuable time at an insanely low price.

And when I say
insanely low price,
I mean $2 per hour!

Are you aware that almost 50% of your daily business-related tasks
do not need your personal expert knowledge,
and could be done by someone else?

Outsourced Virtual Assistants

If you are like me, and consider full-time
5 days a week, 8 hours a day,
you know
that’s 160 hours a month.

So you get a  full-time employee for $320 a month!

I make sure that the employees delivered to you meet
the best Western standards!

Outsourcing the complete recruitment and screening process will make your work easy and simple.

In my media agency I hire over 60 people from all over the world, and have been doing it for over 10 years!
I am going to use the exact recruitment process I use in my company for you!


From now on, you will focus on things that bring you money!
Forget about all the boring tasks that you waste your time on,
even though they could be easily done by someone else.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is probably the easiest way to get on track with the tasks that you don’t have enough time to do.

Virtual Assistants not only help you in keeping track of your hectic business schedules, but help you to run your company smoothly.
My team and I have over 10 years of experience and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Here are a few of the things Virtual Assistants can do: 

Why 3 employees for the price of one???

It’s because of my unique recruitment process and individual approach to each customer!

Usually we have over 500 candidates for one specific position ( India has 1.4 billion people) so you get the best 3!

My people in India do the initial selection and screening, and I, personally, do the last stage- interviews and skills assessment.



You tell me who exactly you’re working with and what type of business you run. You can be very specific if you want.
Tell me what results you would like to get. My people know exactly what will suit best for your business.


My team in India handles all the selection, and chooses the best programs for you. We check how they would suit your business and what options you would be interested in. That includes workspaces, lists, folders, backups, chats, video and audio communication and much more!

setup and connecting

Once my team has chosen the best options for you, the setup begins. We install the software based on your requirements and connect them into one communication platform.

Seting up working spaces.

Based on the business you run and how the communication works in your business, we set up dedicated workspaces, lists, folders, backups, chats, video and audio communication and much more! All with the correct user roles designed to suit you and your company.

Contact me now to get all the details!
You are one click away from getting a highly skilled and educated Virtual Assistant!