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Use Technology To Help You.

Still, wondering?

What is the best software to communicate with your outsourced employee?

With me get detailed knowledge to handle your outsourced employee and learn-

  • Which software is best for you.
  • Manage all your projects with one single application
  • Track the workforce and their timeline.
  • Know how to delegate your first and priority tasks.

I’ve been in this business for over 10 years,
and  employ over 60 people in my media agency.
 Every single one of them is on a different continent!

Remote working software can help your team save time and perform better. The right tool can address all of the most common challenges.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best remote work software solutions.

You can use these tools to manage projects, track finances, and improve security.

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Establish structured daily check-ins

Take the form of a series of one-on-one calls. You and your employees work more independently from each other. To work collaboratively, maintain a regular check-in. Software like Slack Zoom Google Meet. Work the best!!

Dedicated Workspace.

You don’t need a home office to be successful when it comes to working remotely. Here a dedicated workspace means a virtual workspace. This means you and your virtual employee need a laptop and internet. But. Selecting the right type of software matters a lot. With me know the best software that enables you to track the progress of each of your projects, assign tasks to the freelancers, and create timelines for your projects to remain up to date. My favorite is ClickUp.

Resource Planning

Plan your Resources, like file management system, what to share, and secure your data from your new hire. I believe cloud storage is the ideal sharing tool, especially for remote cloud storage & collaboration documents and multimedia files that are too large to send via email. The software which works the best is Google Drive Drobox LastPass- for securing your passwords (my favorite!)

The Payment Process

Bank transfers can take days but, the applications which offer hassle-free services are TransferWise PayPal These are the least expensive, and you can use this money transfer service to send money to workers in other countries. Neither you nor your remote employees will break the bank.

Outsourced Virtual Assistants

In my media agency, I hire over 60 people from all over the world,
and have been doing it for over 10 years!
I use the exact recruitment process I use in my company!

From now on, you will focus on things that bring you money!
Forget about all the boring tasks that you waste your time on,
even though they could be easily done by someone else.

You must be knowing lots of software from the internet, but selecting the best one is the cherry on the cake.

The software ensures your remote employees stay on track, assists them in reaching their top performance levels, and maintains the company culture.

My list of the best software includes-

  • project & task management
  • time management & calendar
  • file sharing & collaboration
  • resource management


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Here are the main reasons why you need those software ASAP!!

  • Setting your working schedule
  • The comfort of being at home
  • Chance to travel more, Like ME, I travel every month!!
  • Less stress
  • Personal time management 
  • Flexible schedule


In my opinion, these are all you must try first.

Google Docs,




World clock 


In my company, most of the tools I use are in their free versions. I am cheap as hell 🙂 

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When dealing with your remote employee on various projects, and not having a communication tool can bring you into a lot of trouble.

You are overwhelmed with hundreds, and thousands of emails, messages, phone calls daily, and your requirements may still not be fulfilled as you desired.

To avoid any hassle, I have hand-picked the best communication tools that ( e book link ) you can access easily.

Don’t worry.
I won’t tell you the obvious solutions- like Google or MS team.
But my hand-picked solutions are unique and have a specific approach to resolving the specific problems with the remote team.

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At the end of the day, you get the best answers to these questions-

  • How can you make sure that the whole team is on the same page when nobody is in the same room (or even the same continent) at the same time?
  • How to manage time across multiple time zones?
  • Together, how do you brainstorm and collaborate?
  • How do you recognize and reward team members?

Since most of these tools are free or provide a free trial, you can easily test several of them to find which one is most suitable for your team.
Why not start today?
Blaze the trail!