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A Guide To Remote Management Team

Use Technology to Help You!

Why you need a VA.

  • You are overwhelmed
  • You have lots of paperwork to handle
  • Tired of repetitive tasks?
  • You are an expert in business but not in non-core activities 
  • Can’t afford another full-time employee
  • And you want to be cheap (hahaha) (just kidding)

Develop a 30-day plan

Think through what you want your VA to be able to do in seven days, 15 days, 30 days. What’s critical for them to be able to do at first?

 What can wait, but still needs to be addressed? 

You’ve had months or years learning your business and job; develop a plan that phases in performance expectations so that you both can succeed.


First week.

The first week is all about teaching your VA about everything from where the business culture to the work process Some key fundamentals to set for a new hire’s first week are: Tell the business culture Learning about business-specific platforms, your vision, and goals Learning about the company’s products and clients Hold daily one-on-one meetings. Meet the other team members (if any) Start working on projects.

Second Week

Your new VA will still have the training wheels on, but you are more hands-off than before. She will more likely to- Collaborate with you while starting to “contribute to the conversation” more often. Plan to address and fix issues with the roles Set up a regular meeting schedule for going forward. Getting feedback from you on progress.

15 Days

This will be the 3 weeks of your VA. She will more confident and comfortable in the working process. You will be giving her the first paycheck. Don't forget to invoice it !! Share some weekends learning and lesson plans, so that next Monday she could come across more effective ideas of working. - Share some YouTube tutorial - Or extra blog to read. - Task which are requires minimum time and efforts

The 30 days

The last 30 days of the plan are all about independence. As she will start taking on more responsibilities and working on bigger projects, they need to be more accountable for their work. The last days of the 30 Day Plan include the following: Start working independently on projects. Become more accountable for her work. Be proactive and become more involved in your business. Touch base with you for feedback about goals/metrics/KPIs going forward

Outsourced Virtual Assistants

In my media agency, I hire over 60 people from all over the world,
and have been doing it for over 10 years!
I use the exact recruitment process I use in my company!

From now on, you will focus on things that bring you money!
Forget about all the boring tasks that you waste your time on,
even though they could be easily done by someone else.

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I have more than 40 remote employees and 3 VAs from different continents.!

When I and my VAs started working together,
For the first week or two, we would check in with each other through Zoom Meet.
And getting comfortable with your VA is the best for building a relationship.
I talk to them every other hour via Slack or even WhatsApp.
Giving all the instructions talking about priority tasks all done with just a message away!!!

Virtual assistants often want to impress in the beginning by “just getting on with it” and not asking important questions about a project’s requirements.


I tell my VAs that I prefer honest and open communication, and they should feel free to ask for clarification or guidance at any time without feeling stupid. 

This saves time for you all in the long run.

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What I believe is that the process of hiring a VA is fast, affordable, and easy to do.
As a small business owner, there may come a time at which it’s impossible to do everything by yourself.

And if you’re still able to do everything yourself, you may lose the ability to do your work efficiently.

It’s easy to find yourself writing up a novel of instructions for your virtual assistant, which unfortunately can take more time than doing the task yourself.
Instead, pick up the phone for a five-minute overview of the project with the VA, then send specifics via email.

This allows them to ask questions about the general direction and prevents you from wasting more time than the task is worth.


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A little piece of advice: invest a little time in a virtual assistant. The more you give, the more you will get back.

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Be real

Test your virtual assistant with different tasks, some simple and some complex, and get an idea of what they can accomplish without constant supervision. 

There are practical limits to what a virtual assistant can do without ever meeting you or seeing your business. 

Afterall, This isn’t your 1950s assistant sitting outside of your office.

I test them by giving lots of blog writing, handling engagements in social media and routine readings.

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