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Mini Academy

10 Lessons for bosses who are serious about their business and people they manage

  Most bosses want to be good at what they do, have an independent team

 and achieve spectacular results. Instead, they face time pressure

and often a sense of loneliness every day.


Do you sometimes say:

I have to do it myself, beacuse my people
are busy anyway.

They don't understand my vision.

I don't want to be disappointed.

I do not want to impose.

I don't want to explain 100 times.

I will do it faster and the way I want it to be done- so I will not have to correct anything.

Have you ever wondered:

Why do we keep sweeping problems under the rug?
How to avoid "scheletons in the closet" and get things done right away?
How to make the most difficult conversations really enjoyable?

 Companies and  their owners   lose   millions   due to people   not getting   along.   Despite   the incrisingly   sophisticated   tools, we   communicate   less and less   and   out relationships are   of poor quality.

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Take part in the BOSS MINDSET Mini Academy,learn how to act and communicate to ensure better results, achieve the desired effect and regain your precious time.

 4 mistakes that ruin agency for bosses (sprawczosc)

 Free yourself from the myth that hard work and fast pace is the way to success. You didn't start a business or got promoted to get frustrated, wonder if you are a good boss, and focus too much on people instead   of your own goals.
 It is not the market, the situation, employees or customers that are the reason why you do not get what you want. Every relationship is like a chemical reaction - both sides contribute something to it.
 See what you can change, develop and improve yourself.

 In this small course you will understand and learn:

How to identify and avoid the 4 main mistakes that ruin the boss and the company?
3 main areas of effectiveness - how to develop them?
How to act with purpose and not succumb to emotions.
How to make really good meetings and get real benefit from them?

 Why are some bosses listened to while others are being ignored?

 Are you tired of not being heard, or you feel like nothing is changing? Everyone needs attention and being heard. The paradox is that the less you apply for it, the more you get it. You will learn how to change it -   speak powerfully and influence others.

 In this mini course you will understand and learn:

How to communicate clearly, completely and with understanding
How to authentically express your whole self
How to gain self confidence and speak your whole self.
How to get the attention you deserve.

How to have an independent team and regain valuable time

I did not get what I delegated on time. I didn't get what I wanted. I prefer to do it myself - at least I am sure it will be fine. They're already busy anyway. -
 Such experiences make you control or act for others even more. Say goodbye to micro-management and frustration, be clear about your vision,
and then invite people to do it together.By giving them a choice you allow them to get involved.

In this mini course you will understand and learn:

How to build a mature partnership in a team?
How not to waste time and not do things for others?
How to develop a scalable model of delegation?
How to work with people to generate solutions instead of taking time?

See what graduates say about the academy

Ronald M.Lau

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Ronald M.Lau

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Steve Boardman

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Steve Boardman

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Veit Brede

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Veit Brede

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Do you want:

More time to implement new projects, prepare changes?

Build a well-coordinated and independent team?

Build trust and authority?

Finally, have time for the things that are important to you and work with those who will provide solutions instead of problems

Then stop:

promise yourself that the next week, month, year will be different

Let go when you should

Take too much on your shoulder

put aside things that are important to you


 Just watch 10 lessons in the Boss's Mini Mindset Academy
 Bosses dream of independent and responsible employees.
 Employees dream of coherent, consistent and mature bosses.

At the time of employment, both parties count on results and successful cooperation.

So why the saying: "employees come to the company and they leave the boss"? Why is the life of so many bosses often lonely and disappointed? How to ensure peace of mind, have an independent team and successfully implement your own vision?

Take part in the MINI MINDSET Academy of the Boss. Regain your priceless peace and time.

you will receive a PDF with material for work during the workshop.

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