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Research the behavior of users on your website.

Which menu options do our website visitors click on? 
Where is the best place to place ads, articles, and interactive elements, and what is better to move beyond the standard window size?

Hotjar, the “heatmap” tool for creating web pages, helps you find this – and more -.

After installing a simple script, Hotjar starts collecting information on user behavior. Collects click spots, traces of cursor movement, and use of the mouse wheel.

There is also support for the mobile version to see where visitors are knocking on the screen.

Importantly, the tool helps in tracking the “journey” of visitors through all subpages of our website. In this way, we can analyze the “tunnels”: where does the prospective customer leave the website? Perhaps it is enough to enlarge one button to attract interest for longer? 

The app will assess, almost on the fly, how any modifications translate into improved results.

The advantage of Hotjar is the ability to analyze forms and surveys posted on the website in this way.

We can assess which fields are most often left blank or cause the user to resign from further interactions.

It is interesting to be able to meticulously record user behavior in order to later recreate the entire visit and see how one specific visitor clicked and moved the mouse. Of course, with full anonymity and security.

The tool also allows you to build and display more or less advanced polls and forms that will help in collecting opinions from users. All with a clean interface and easy-to-use menu sets.

Hint: to use the tool, you need to add a JavaScript tag to our website code. However, the analysis is done on the Hotjar side, so it does not affect the speed of the website in any way.

Hotjar for free

All the options described above are available free of charge, but with some limitations. It is a maximum of 2,000 views a day, with a subscription for 365 days. In addition, a maximum of 300 “replays” to watch. 

It is enough for a small website and a blog.

Paid plans start at 29 euros per month. A competing service – – offers more views for free, but without access to a similar range of options.


Efficient help in researching user behavior, especially when checking what the syntax of visitors is to leave our site. One of the leaders in this category, thanks to the wide range of options available, also in the free plan.