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How is our website doing in various categories?

Nibbler welcomes users with a simple home screen. Just enter the address of the page of interest for the tool to quickly – but accurately – analyze the site, along with a score in seventeen categories.

The tests performed fall into four broad domains: accessibility, experience, marketing, and technology.

The first sphere – accessibility – is the assessment of display on mobile devices and adaptation for disabled users. 
These include the evaluation of URLs in terms of readability, descriptions of internal links, but also responsiveness and preparation for display on tablets and smartphones.

The assessment of users’ “impressions” consists of – how important – the range of available content and the frequency of updates, but also slightly more creative items, such as integration with social media accounts. 

There is also “popularity”, determined on the basis of statistics from Alexa, where credibility is rather difficult, especially in the case of smaller sites.

The marketing category is – again – an interest in social media, but the emphasis is also on the study of SEO techniques: page titles, headers, tags, links relating to our page.

The last aspect of the website tested by Nibbler is technology, i.e. server behavior, access to a page with a 404 error, internal links or the ability to easily print published content.

Hint: After testing, the tool prepares a set of useful suggestions. If we follow the advice, we can not only collect more points but also improve search engine results and – for example – make it easier for visually impaired people to view content.

Nibbler for free

The options described above are available for free to anyone interested, and the research tool uses five subpages. If we want even more information, the sister application Silktide will analyze over 100 subpages in 32 tests. Pricing starts at $ 50 a month, with regular reporting.


As always with this type of synthetic test, it is worth considering whether the presented results are logical from the point of view of our website. 

Nibbler cannot read published articles with comprehension and ignores factors that he cannot reach – such as a podcast or a YouTube channel.