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Get to know your opinion on any topic thanks to beautiful and modern forms.

The tool prepared by a startup from Barcelona allows you to generate quick, nice and engaging surveys. 
Thanks to the forms prepared in this way, we can efficiently collect opinions on our services, ideas or projects.

The Spanish company already has an established position in the market, and its customers include Apple, Airbnb, and Nike. 

The impressive list confirms that we are dealing with serious business – this is important because only the essentials are available for free

A very important – if not the most important – aspect of Typeform is the fact that the generated surveys can be distributed not only via a unique link but also directly on the website.

In this way, we will quickly create visually attractive and efficient contact forms and – for example – collect customer feedback, but also prepare a simple quiz or even a small online store where the buyer configures the product step by step.

The operation of Typeform is precisely a step-by-step system. Only one question of the survey or a choice option is always active, which greatly helps in maintaining the user’s involvement, who will not be discouraged by the view of a long list of fields to be completed.

The creation of polls is facilitated by a clear and easy-to-use editor, in which we quickly create new items on the basis of ready-made elements, referred to as “blocks”. 

There are plenty of them: a multiple-choice field, short and long text fields, selecting images, grading in a numerical or icon-based scale, a drop-down list, as well as more complicated ones: calendar, payments, and even uploading files.

There is also support for videos, GIFs, and ready-made color schemes. For more advanced users, a simple logic is available, that is, the ability to “program” our survey to skip and jump between blocks depending on the recorded responses.

Hint: Typeform offers a lot of ready-made formulas that you just need to adapt to your needs – we don’t have to start from scratch. There are plenty of options: from basic user opinions to recipe generator, to a paragraph novel.

Typeform for free

The free plan includes one hundred responses per month, with a survey of up to ten fields. It’s not much, but it’s good enough for a contact form on a private blog, for example.

If we want to get rid of the limits, we have to pay a subscription of EUR 25 per month. Thanks to this, we will also unlock additional editor options, such as the calculator and the aforementioned logical “jumps”.

The most expensive subscription is EUR 59 per month. This is already an offer for large websites, with 4 GB of memory for files uploaded by users, priority technical support and the option to remove the Typeform logo from surveys.


Typeform is an extremely effective tool in terms of efficiency, the range of available options, and the accessibility of the editor.
It is also effective: the surveys are nice, polished, and smooth.

Free options are limited, but they allow, for example, a few minutes to get rid of the problem of creating a contact form for our site.