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Website Grader



Check how “strong” your website is.

Website Grader is a tool that allows you to instantly check the theoretical “power” of our website on the basis of a few basic characteristics.

Four areas are assessed: overall speed of operation, quality of the mobile version, applied SEO techniques, and security.

The tool welcomes users with a simple and transparent start screen, with rubrics for a link to the website being researched and an email address. 

Nobody should have any major problems with the operation.

Hint: if you are concerned about spam in your mailbox, we can only provide the link to the page. Website Grader does not communicate this directly, but it will not be offended if we omit the email address.

Note: The tool has trouble judging some pages, especially the smaller and less popular ones. 
If you see an error after entering the address, it is worth not to be discouraged and try again.

After entering the address, Website Grader “behind the scenes” thoroughly analyzes our website code, assessing, among other things, how many files the user has to download, the speed of data rendering, and the number of HTTP requests.

The tool could do better when it comes to testing the mobile version of the website. 

Browsing the Internet on smartphones or tablets has long dominated over classic desktops, but Website Grader will show us only basic information about the display modes of our website. 

Here too, detailed data on running speed and scripts would come in handy.

In terms of SEO, we will find out if we format the titles and descriptions displayed in the search engine correctly.

The last category – security – is a significant simplification again, because Website Grader only evaluates whether we have an active SSL certificate.

At the very end of the summary, we can check out some tips and tricks that should help you get a better result in the future.

Note: The tool has problems correctly recognizing and evaluating some items, especially displaying “above the fold” content. Moreover, even modest CSS animation is treated as content blocking.

Website Grader for free

All elements of the application are available free of charge.


Website Grader provides useful information on the speed of our website and SEO but leaves little voices about mobile devices and security. 

Before we start modifying the code, it is also worth thoroughly analyzing whether the hints offered are actually valuable.