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Brand Colors


Color palettes of many famous brands.

What colors dominate the visual identification of companies from around the world
What exactly shade of blue did Behance choose? 
What red is the stripe in the Associated Press logo? 

BrandColors tries to answer such questions.

The site’s assumptions are simple: we get a long list of brands, companies and websites arranged alphabetically along with corresponding colors, as well as the ability to quickly download detailed information on selected entries.

BrandColors currently boasts a set of around 600 brands, represented by 1,500 carefully researched colors.

“Meticulously researched” sounds strange. However, it is worth explaining that the website is not a set of subjectively indicated colors, but the authors base on official information about the visual identification of a given company or website. 

This allows you to provide exact shades, most often along with the HEX code, if we want to efficiently reproduce the color in CSS or in a graphics program.

What’s more, BrandColors allows you to select any number of brands and then download a ready-made color code in several formats: ASE, CSS, SCSS or LESS. 

It is also useful to copy the code of single colors – just click on the rectangle.

The main objection to the tool is undoubtedly related to the topicality of the information presented. 
The site was launched in 2012 as a side project of Galen Gidman, but has grown enormously since then. 

Visual identities are constantly changing, but updating each of the more than 600 entries seems beyond the reach of the two authors.

Note: therefore, many of the links that take you to the Color Information Source are currently inactive. Some entries are simply out of date, especially those for less known and popular brands.

Brand Colors for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


Due to the caveats mentioned above, it is not worth considering BrandColors as the final interpretation of the official colors of brands. 
However, the website remains a useful tool for – for example – researching trends or looking for inspiration.