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Identity Designed

Identity Designed

Examples of well-designed visual identities.

Identity Designed – or simply ID – is a collection of visual identifications from creators and creative agencies around the world, often with behind-the-scenes curiosities of a given project.

The home page of the website is made up of simple “tiles”, each representing one project. 
Clicking takes you to a subpage containing a lot of information and photos, and often also a detailed description of the project straight from the creators.

For example, how did the visual identity for the Bienal Sesc de Dança dance festival come about?

“We started by observing the basic body movements and noticed that the trajectories generate circular forms. 

Our idea was to translate these movements into interactive objects that could be set up, so we tested different cuts and proportions, ”explain designers Jorge Romanos and Naíma Almeida.

There are a lot of similarly described projects on Identity Designed, which allows you to look behind the scenes and learn about the creator’s process and the decisions behind the projects, all supported by a large number of photos, illustrations, screenshots and even films.

Identity Designed for free

All website functions are available free of charge.


Full of interesting content, richly developed and accessible look behind the scenes of designing visual identities from around the world.