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Stationery Overdose

Stationery Overdose

A collection of inspiring visual identities.

Stationery Overdose is an interesting source of inspiration for anyone interested in corporate identity. The main page is divided into a transparent grid with a set of proposals, but the website also offers a lot of “under the hood” functions.

First of all, each published project is provided with the name of the agency or authors, location and a short text describing the general assumptions or main topic. In addition, a lot of great photos, showing examples of applications and the use of elements.

Entries in Stationery Overdose are divided into several categories, such as architecture, art, education, real estate, music, and technology. Everyone will find something compatible with their own needs and interests.

Hint: if you don’t want to miss a single update, check out the free newsletter at the bottom of the page.

The authors of the website focus on quality, not quantity. New entries appear rarely, usually once a month. 

However, they are always precisely described and accompanied by extensive documentation.

Tip: A bit of a confusion may be the fact that Stationery Overdose also offers a blog page where you can find more suggestions and projects.

If we want the authors to publish a post focusing on our project, just use the contact form and wait for a reply.

Note: “We operate in our spare time, so please be patient,” warns Stationery Overdose. This explains the slow pace of updates.

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All website functions are available free of charge.


The motto of Stationery Overdose can be described as “quality not quantity”. The site doesn’t offer tons of posts and frequent updates, but polished information and great photos.