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Calendar Generator

Generate your own calendar.

Calendar Generator is part of the popular website, which offers tons of useful date, time and weather tools. The name reveals the use of the application – in a few minutes we can create a calendar using a number of available options.

We start with the basic possibilities, i.e. the period: year, month, week or day, in the latter case divided into hours. Then it remains to enter the title and indicate the start time. For example, with an annual calendar, we don’t have to start in January.

The drop-down list is the key, in which we choose the country we are interested in. Unlike Calendarpedia , this calendar generator is well prepared not only for “red” national holidays, but can also display less significant events such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on.

The list of options below allows you to turn holidays on or off on our calendar, as well as add a number of other information: moon phases, time changes or the summer and winter solstices.

Finally, the more technical features remain: general appearance, language, font size, setting the first day of the week, and printing settings. Later, you only need to download the PDF file and enjoy the automatically generated file.

Calendar generator for free

All application functions are available for free.


Calendarpedia wins when it comes to the available visual options, but the Calendar Generator is easier to configure and – most importantly – offers Polish holidays.

Bonus: Calendar for 2020 for printing my design

And if you’re looking for something simpler, then take a look at the projects below. This is a version that I designed myself and I provide it completely for free , in 3 variants.