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Photo editor with many filters.

BeFunky is one of the many photo editors available on the web, which can boast an extensive set of basic options. The main purpose is a wide selection of filters and application additives.

After importing the selected file, we can make key changes with the base functions: trim, reduce, rotate, exposure, color correction, sharpen, blur, soften and so on. There is a lot of it, and we control the levels with convenient sliders.

Then we can move on to a bit more complicated tweaks, if of course you need to. The next menu includes the removal of red eyes, moles on the skin and wrinkles, teeth whitening, or even hair coloring.

Hint: in this menu, a bit counterintuitive, we find a standard paintbrush.


The next menu is what is most important in BeFunky, i.e. the first dose of effects. There are a lot of them, and some categories are chromatic, black and white, HDR, retro, colder and warmer, sepia, and even … patriotic.

 There is a lot to choose from, and each category usually contains not one, but several items to choose from.

Next, we can convert the entire image with slightly more advanced filters, turning it into a cartoon, oil painting, sketch, watercolor or impressionist work with one click. As always, the intensity can be controlled with the sliders.

Further menus allow you to add interesting additions. We get a wide selection of borders in many shapes and types, the ability to insert various shapes, icons, stickers, and borders, as well as text.


Finally, we can simulate the texture for our image, creating, for example, the effect of an old, scratched photo, or even a brick wall.

BeFunky for free

Many website functions are available for free. Equally many – those marked with an asterisk – have been reserved for subscribers. Prices are $ 34.92 a year upfront or $ 4.95. when paying monthly.


A powerful but easy-to-use filter application tool. If we want to get something more advanced, we have to pay.