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A photo editor that allows you to create collages, apply filters, or simply retouch.

Fotor is another photo editor available on the web. |
Designed for people who need quick fixes and minor modifications, but do not want to bother with classic graphics editing programs.

In terms of appearance and interface, the tool is very similar to BeFunky . Also the set of options is almost identical, though BeFunky seems to offer a bit more in terms of applying filters and additives.

After importing the selected file, we can make key changes using the basic functions, and the button at the top is particularly interesting, allowing you to “improve” the photo with one click.


The algorithm automatically corrects colors or saturation and it must be admitted that it is doing quite well. 

This is a useful solution for quick fixes, especially for people who don’t deal with photography on a daily basis.

In addition, there are a lot of options that we control ourselves: trimming, rotating, brightness, contrast, sharpness, shadows, temperature and color, or quick resizing.

 There is a lot to choose from, and the levels are controlled by convenient sliders.

Then we can move on to a bit more advanced additions and tweaks. The next item on the menu is a huge category of extras, where we find a whole lot of more and less interesting options, with talking names: warm winter, shades of gray, black and white, spring, movie grain, oil painting and so on and so on.

Each of the above-mentioned items is only a superior name – there are always a few suggestions inside. Suffice it to say that you can spend many hours having fun in Fotor, even if it sounds rather dull.

Then – using the previously mentioned BeFunky – we can introduce corrections. We will remove red eyes and wrinkles, add makeup, and even … slim down the people in the photos.

Later, we can embellish our work with dozens of various stickers and frames, as well as enter any text.

Fotor for free

Many website functions are available for free. Equally many – those marked with an asterisk – however, are reserved for subscribers. Prices are $ 39.99 a year upfront or $ 8.99. when paying monthly.


A powerful but easy-to-use filter application tool. Almost a BeFunky clone – if we want to get something more advanced, we have to pay.