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The best text editor I know.

Bear is a powerful text editor, great for short notes and reminders, and for longer texts. 

It is distinguished by its appearance and in the basic version it is available for free, but only on devices with iOS.

Integration with Apple software allows you to continue working on any device from this manufacturer, with smooth transfer between iPhones, iPods, and Mac computers. 

Of course, the text can also be copied to other editors, such as Word or Evernote.

Connecting notes with links allows you to create more complicated dependencies. In this respect, Bear can even compete with task creation software like Jira – proportionally, of course.


The great advantage of Bear is the integration of the popular Markdown markup language, with the help of which we can quickly make changes to the text.

Without taking your hand from the keyboard in search of a mouse or remembering keyboard shortcuts.

For example, a piece of text that we want to bold just needs to be placed between two symbols *. 

In a similar way, we can even insert checkboxes.For example – prepare an interactive shopping list in a few minutes, which we will display in the store on the phone screen.

So, at first glance, Bear is a simple and clean text editor that doesn’t try to compete with Word for the number of features available. 

This does not mean, however, that there is a lack of interesting facts.

Interesting ideas include support for Apple Watch, where we simply dictate notes.

 There is of course a spell checker, automatic word completion, integration with all major browsers and so on.


Appearance is of great importance to the creators of Bear.

 In the free version, we have access to two basic skins, but the paid version offers eleven more color options.

Bear for free

The basic version of the program is available entirely for free. 

The Pro edition costs $ 1.49 per month or $ 14.99. (about PLN 55) for the year in advance.

What do we get after paying the fee? The most important option available only to owners of the Pro version is the ability to synchronize content between different devices. 

For this the above-mentioned skins and exporting to other programs.


Bear is one of the best text editors on the market, of course, when it comes to Apple devices. 

The program is fast, beautiful, effective, and accessible.