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A tool that helps you design your own ebook.

Preparing your own e-book can seem like a difficult and time-consuming task, if only because of the multitude of formats. 

The Papeait tool comes in handy, as it helps you create a ready-made electronic publication in just a few minutes.

All you need is the text prepared in Word, i.e. with the DOC extension. You should take care of appropriate formatting, but the requirements are not big.

Just remember to mark the beginning of each chapter with an appropriate heading.

Then Papeair allows you to choose one of several graphic versions. They are all polished and very nice.

 You can be sure that our e-book will look like a professional publication.

The next step is the cover.

 We can choose our own file, but there is nothing to prevent us from choosing one of the ready-made templates prepared by the application developers again.


Note: in the case of the cover, it is best to prepare your own graphic file, because the automatic generator cannot cope with Polish diacritics.

The algorithm used by Papeair is so extensive that even in the case of incorrect text formatting in Word, we can then indicate an alternative method for automatic detection of chapters, for example on the basis of bold text.

The next phase of preparing your e-book involves entering additional information, such as author, genre, title, editor, cover author, and even the ISBN number if we have one.

Moreover, Papeair will help you to insert additional pages automatically. 

So there is a place for a dedication, table of contents, preface, or the author’s biography.


And that’s all! 

All you need to do is download the auto-generated ebook in Epub or Mobi format. 

If we wish, we can freely edit all the above-mentioned options.

Papeair is very good at anything that can be found in our text. Bold and italics, pictures, footnotes, links, tables, and lists get proper and consistent formatting.

Papeair for free

All functions of the tool are available free of charge. 

However, if we want our book to be dealt with not by an algorithm, but by a professional designer, we can use several paid options, starting at $ 99 (about PLN 365).


Papeair is a great tool that allows you to prepare an ebook ready for publication in a few minutes. 

It is surprising that such a useful and extensive application is available entirely for free. The only thing missing is the export to PDF.