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The Most Dangerous Writing App

Dangerous Writing

If you stop typing, you will lose all content.

The Most Dangerous Writing App comes up with a pretty interesting idea. 

The application provides a simple text editor, but if we stop typing for more
 than five seconds,
all content disappears from the screen irretrievably.

Before starting the game, we can choose several options, such as the upper time limit for
our session or – alternatively – the number of words we intend to write. 

There is also an additional “hardcore” mode in which the words already entered are obscured and unreadable.

Note: the application supports Polish letters, but does not display them in the “hardcore” mode,
 which may make your work a bit more difficult. It is worth remembering that all characters will
be visible in the final text, however.

Dangerous Writing

It seems that this approach to writing is just an experiment or a little curiosity, but quite the opposite. 

The Most Dangerous Writing App can have some pretty practical uses, and it’s best explained by the developers themselves:

The application “was designed to suppress the urge to constantly improve and make the words simply flow,” reads the description. If we have trouble concentrating, TMDWA can help as it simply forces you to complete a text of the desired length.

The results of the work can be downloaded to disk or simply copied, but only after reaching the time limit or in the number of words assumed before the start of writing.

The Most Dangerous Writing App for Free

All functions of the tool are available free of charge, as well as the source code of the application.


At first, glance, using The Most Dangerous Writing App is just fun, but the app has practical uses – as long as you’re prepared to take the risk.