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A simple blogging platform.

Write. as is another simple blogging platform, mainly focused on displaying the text we wrote – without unnecessary embellishments and tons of options, which we never use anyway.

“We eliminate notifications, broadcasts, likes, and comments so you can focus on your words.  Enjoy a clean head and a beautiful, simple space to write down your thoughts ”- advertise the creators themselves, perfectly reflecting the idea behind write. as.

Of course, the app offers basic formatting options like bold and italic. 

We can create bulleted and numbered lists, insert links and pictures – a whole package of basic functions known from editors.

One problem is that we create all formatting using the Markdown markup language.

For example – the desire to create an H1-sized header must be preceded by the symbol “#”, and the text that we intend to bold must be enclosed in “**” marks.

The problem is that we will see the effects of the formatting only after publishing the post. Later, we can of course go back to editing and make any modifications and changes in formatting, but going back and forth is an unnecessary complication.

At work, it helps to access a number of applications that allow you to transfer outside the browser. 

The developers have prepared integration with the iOS 8+ and Android 2.3+ mobile operating systems, but you can even write directly from the command line.

Write. as for free

The basic functions of the tool are available for free, but with some restrictions, such as the maximum post length of 50,000 characters.

For a modest fee of $ 1 a month, we can set up a maximum of three blogs, write texts with a maximum length of 100,000 characters, connect your own domain or transfer entries between blogs.

With a subscription of $ 4 a month, we can write huge entries with a length of 500,000 characters (that’s about 100,000 words), and there is also free hosting for photos, extensive statistics of visits, securing the blog with a password, or modifying CSS code.


Write. as offers a golden mean between complete simplicity, for example, offered by the absolutely minimalist Telegraph platform, and much more advanced propositions such as WordPress.