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Icon base in a flat style.

If something is for everything, it is for nothing – the authors of the Flaticon website seem to reason. We can find here a lot of various icons, but all of them are made in so many flat – “flat” ones.

I must admit that the collected collection is truly impressive, because it includes over a million pictures, placed in almost 20,000 stylistically consistent packages.

It seems that opting for flat icons is the right solution. Three-dimensional, colorful pictures are now out of fashion, and simpler glyphs are used on websites and all kinds of publications.


After entering the home page, the browser window is displayed. It is not only useful to automatically complete words straight from Google because Flaticon goes a step further and displays example icons when typing a phrase.

Below we take a look at the most popular packages of the month, free and premium, as well as the most popular icon packs of all time. 

As it turns out, minimalism reigns.

During the download, we get more options. If the selected graphic consists of straight lines, we can often change its color from the browser level. There are also more options for editing the shape for people with accounts.

Then you just need to select the size and start the download in the pop-up window.


“Flaticon is the world’s largest free icon search engine” – boast the creators. Interestingly, the rival FindIcons looks almost the same . The described service is quite a large company from Spain, numbering 30 people and at least twice as many graphic designers.

Flaticon for free

As befits a large startup, the website must earn money. That is why Flaticon promotes Premium accounts at almost every step, priced at EUR 89.99 per year in advance or at EUR 9.99 per month.

The most important change available only to Premium subscribers is the ability to use icons without the need to provide a link to Flaticon. For free accounts, the license assumes that we must do so.

The payment of the fee also means the lifting of the download limit of 400 icons a day, no ads, an extensive editor or access to over 231,000 Premium images.


A huge collection of polished and stylistically consistent icon packs. We will definitely find everything we are looking for here, but it is worth bearing in mind that we will receive full freedom in using the glyphs only after paying the subscription.