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A huge database of various graphic files.

The creators of the Flaticon catalog are responsible for the Freepik service. Here, however, we download not only flat icons, but a much larger assortment: vector images, illustrations, symbols, PSD files for free editing, and photos.

All this is perfect if you are just looking for inspiration or for whatever reason you don’t want to create your own setting for a website, banner, presentation, book, magazine, flyer, infographic, poster, invitation.

And so on. After entering an interesting phrase in the search engine, we are transferred to the list of results, where we can additionally filter the results. 

The options are Vectors, Photos, PSD, and Icons.


What’s more, on the right side we can also indicate which color is to dominate the displayed search results, as well as change the sorting: by publication date, popularity or number of downloads.

After clicking on an interesting work, we are transferred to the subpage, where we can read the author, leave a comment and review other proposals. 

However, it is not necessary to get involved in the social sphere. Just press the green button and download the graphics.

Freepik for free

As with Flaticon, a large Spanish company has to earn a living. Therefore, Freepik in many places not only advertises paid banks with photos but also tries to attract premium accounts.

These are priced at $ 89.99 a year in advance or $ 9.99 a month. In return, we get access to over 1.2 million illustrations reserved for subscribers.

Most importantly, only payment of the fee allows you to use the downloaded works without the need for attribution, i.e. without providing the author and a link to Freepik. In addition, no ads and the removal of the download limit of 30 items per day.


Over 630,000 items in the catalog (almost 2 million if we pay for a Premium account) and 260,000. photos are numbers that guarantee that we will find what we are looking for on Freepik.