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Popular icon finder.

Iconfinder is a huge catalog of various icons, already covering well over 2.6 million items, counting only the SVG format.

 Unlike the competition in the form of FindIcons or Flaticon, the emphasis was on buying, not free downloading.

Of course, free options are still available, but the free offer is significantly limited compared to distribution for a fee.

The home page includes the main search window, promoted premium kits, and promoted free kits.

 The accumulation of options makes it crucial to check which license we are dealing with: author attribution, free commercial use, Creative Commons … You can get confused.


Each icon has its own subpage, where we can, among other things, change the size and choose one of the many available formats. 

We have standard SVG and PNG, but also CSH, AI, ICO, ICNS, and even Base64.

If we need more advanced edits, we don’t even need to download the icon. Just use the built-in editor. 

The options are wide – it’s a whole graphics program, available directly from the browser.

In the editor, we will easily add more shapes, curves and lines, prepare any text, change the thickness of the lines and individual elements, and much, much more. It is truly a powerful tool and a strong point of Iconfinder.


If we do not find what we are looking for in an extensive catalog, another interesting option of the website is the possibility of hiring a graphic designer who will create a dedicated icon for us.

Iconfinder for free

The website offers a lot of polished, free icons, but most of the offer is payable. There are several payment options: you can top up your account with any amount and pay per item, or you can use a subscription for $ 9 (10 downloads), $ 19. (50 downloads) or $ 49 (no download limit) per month.


A huge catalog of great icons, plus a clever and ingenious editor directly in the search engine. Iconfinder is a very interesting website.