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Database of icons in the styles of different operating systems.

Another great collection of icons with over 77,000 items in a “flat” style. 

The website is distinguished by an attempt to prepare images in the styles of different operating systems, which should help in obtaining consistency during application development.

“We follow the guidelines of Apple, Microsoft and Google. In addition, we adjust the appearance of the works to the appearance of other icons in operating systems ”- assure the creators.

Therefore, iOS 11 is mainly light lines with no fill, Android 4 focuses on sharper shapes, and images prepared with the Office suite in mind must better cope with scaling to even extreme sizes.


The fact that Icons8 uses no outside help helps to maintain such diverse and constantly changing standards. “All icons were created by a single designer to make your interface look consistent,” reads the main page.

Before downloading the selected item, we can introduce a number of standard modifications, such as changing the color of the fill and stroke. There are also dedicated Mac and Windows applications that let you search and download icons without a browser, and even drag images straight into Photoshop.

An interesting fact is that some icons have long and complicated descriptions. Take, for example, a picture of a camera. 

On the subpage with the glyph, we get a historical outline, a short description, photos that inspired the graphics, a historical outline of real cameras, and even examples of applications. Only… what for?


Icons8 for free

The website has quite serious limitations for free users: only PNG format, the maximum size of 100 × 100 pixels and the need for attribution when using icons.

All limitations disappear when you pay for a subscription of $ 19.99 per month or $ 199.99. a year in advance.

In return, we get a wider selection of formats (SVG, EPS, PDF and PNG), HTML code for pasting, the ability to modify icon vectors, access to these applications and a commercial license.


Icons8 has an interesting idea for icons tailored to the operating system we are interested in, but the restrictions for free accounts are probably too severe.