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A site for finding inspiration and creating your own collections with interesting designs.

Designspiration focuses on simplicity and one goal: to inspire. The task is carried out by offering a huge collection of works from various fields and an effective search engine for the collected content. What more could you want?

Currently popular works are displayed on the home page, but we can quickly switch to “all” or to a page with random positions, which often translates into very interesting results. Scrolling down, we load more suggestions, endlessly.

After clicking on each of the works, we get only a few basic options.

 Save is used to create your own collections with interesting works and requires an account. There is also an option to share content on social networks and the place where the work comes from – most often a link.

Quick filter tags would be nice. The more that each proposal seems to be somehow described with “under the hood” tags, which explains the efficient operation of the search engine.

 This one is a key element of the website and it must be admitted that it is doing quite well.

After entering the desired phrase – or phrases – we get a wide range of suggestions. The Designspiration collections are impressive and almost every “ordinary” word will translate into dozens of works to be reviewed. We can also filter further by adding more words: logo, paper, website and so on.

Tip: Clicking on the brush on the right side of the search bar allows you to search by color. We can select a maximum of five colors, and Designspiration will search for corresponding works.

Designspiration for free

All website functions are available for free. The website is advertising-funded.


A very rich source of inspiration, with a great search engine.