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A very easy and fast tool for creating moodboards.

A Moodboard is a type of collage consisting of pictures, text, and other elements collected in a more or less random way.

It is used to present the general idea behind the graphic design and can make the work much easier.

As you might guess, the tool with the telling name Moodboard is exactly what you need to create such mishmash. The assumptions are simple: you don’t need an account or subscription, just start with a blank file or choose one of the templates and start uploading.


The fact that the application only accepts pictures may be a limitation. However, we can add a comment to each of them, which should be used in – for example – explaining why a given photo or screen was included in our collage.

Once you’ve finished your work and all your pictures have been moved to the right place, just click the save and publish button and Moodboard will generate a unique link. We can then share the address with the client or team.

Moodboard for free

All website functions are available for free.


A valuable, although not very extensive tool for creating moodboards.