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A website to help you find inspiration.

Muzli is an interesting idea to inspire users. We do not get another website, but an extension to the Chrome program. 

After installing the plug-in, we view new suggestions every time we open the tab in the browser.

Interesting approach. We open new tabs hundreds of times a day, so why not take advantage of Muzla’s ability to simultaneously – before going to the target website – not see a few interesting works?

We don’t have to worry that the plug will replace the most important functions. Google Search is still available, and even a handy clock and date appear next to it.

Muzli does not collect works on its own servers. What we see after opening the new tab is the effect of bots that scour websites dedicated to inspiration: Dribbble, CSS Winner, Abduzeedo, Design Milk, Designboom and others. 

If you wanted to visit them all on your own, a day would not be enough.


Therefore, after clicking on a given proposal, we are immediately transferred to the source where we can learn more information – according to the website we are on.

The creators of Muzla realized that this approach can be easily transformed so that it is not only used for graphics. 
Therefore, in the options, we can set, for example, to display technical news or news from around the world, which changes the set of services that are displayed when a new tab is opened.

Hint: after hovering over the left side of the screen, you can choose one of the sources yourself.

Muzli for free

All plugin functions are available for free.


An interesting, well-realized idea. We use the browser all the time, and getting inspiration every time you open a new tab is a very good concept.