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Find inspiring designs and create thematic collections from them.

Niice is a tool for collecting thematic collections that are to serve us – or our team – as inspiration when creating our own projects. 
We get a kind of application for building moodboards, but with interesting functions.

We start by choosing a basic template. The available options include not only the aforementioned moodboard, but also a storyboard for filmmakers, a calendar with small pictures and a division into days for efficient planning, or a casting board with large fields for actors’ faces.

Then enter the name and a short description, and then we can start the action, i.e. – most often – adding pictures. 

Each illustration can be immediately modified based on the HSL values, copied, downloaded, dragged to another place, resized, added a caption and a comment.

This last aspect is very important because Niice is very good at working in a team. A system of tags helps inefficient communication, i.e. defining which images or videos our comment refers to.


In the options panel on the right, you can define the board’s color template, define the number of columns for pictures, insert your own logo and background image, and modify the size, font and color of the fonts.

Finally, it remains to share the collection of inspiration, whether it is simply via an automatically generated URL, sending to an email address, or via export to a file: PDF, JPEG or a ZIP package.

Niice for free

We get access to basic options for free for one user. If we want to invite another person, we have to pay already. The subscription fee depends on the size of the team and starts at $ 9 per month. Five people are already $ 45.

In addition to working in a group, the Pro version also has an unlimited number of boards (instead of three in the free version), mass adding images, synchronization with Dropbox, and so on. The features added are not very stunning though.


Niice is definitely a very good tool for creating mood boards and similar applications. With each added team member, however, the costs go up exponentially.