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A large collection of interesting and inspiring pictures and the possibility of creating thematic catalogs.

Pinterest, do you need to introduce someone? Today it is one of the largest social networking sites in the world, although – as CEO Ben Silbermann aptly describes – a better term for the described website is a “catalog of ideas”.

A staggering 200 million monthly active users can make you dizzy, but it ensures that you have content to draw inspiration from even after months of browsing.

How does Pinterest work? During the quick account creation process, we indicate the categories of interest to us. 

After registration, the website displays a collection of photos, projects, and other materials related to our interests. Easy!


Scrolling down, we load successive items, endlessly. After clicking on any of the proposals, we enter a subpage through which we can share our work on other social networks, but also “pin” the item to our own thematic board.

It’s interesting to see how the algorithms prepared by the Pinterest developers work. The website is constantly learning about our behavior and preferences.

 It is enough to add one photo of a forest path to the board, and after returning to the main page, you will suddenly see a lot of new proposals from the nature category. Impressive – and useful.

The other tabs in the top menu are for observing the creators so as not to miss any of their work, as well as for discovering projects that do not necessarily represent one of the categories selected at the start – in order to broaden your horizons.

Pinterest for free

All website functions are available for free.


A huge collection of inspiration from all areas, plus tons of guides, tutorials, diagrams and so on. You can soak in for hours.